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Workout Wednesdays – Arm Training

Howdy, Jack here.

Yesterday you saw Jimmy do a little number for the arms.

If you didn’t, you missed a Beautiful, beautiful site

So today, following on, we’re going to deliver you a high volume arm routine.

Watch the video below to see me in action.



So from the video you can see the sheer volume that I did.

It totaled to be 36 god damn sets.

And, I can assure you,

The. Pump. Was. Real.

You want to use these kinds of workouts when you’re doing some arm specialization in your training, use them for about 4-6 weeks and see your pythons come to life.

With your training you need to make sure that it has some sort of variability.

Reps, sets, tempo, rest, just make sure something is changing so your body can continue to adapt.

When was the last time you changed your training?

Was it a couple of months or even years?

If you’re ready to take your training up a notch enter your details in the box below for your two week free pass where one of our trainers will set you up with your new program and take your training to the next level.

Jack ‘on my way to the gun show’ Zuvelek