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Workout Nutrition For Fatloss: Part 3

Today concludes our Workout Nutrition For Fat Loss series.

If you missed the pre or intra workout blogs you can read them here.

Pre: https://www.thebodyconsultants.com/work-out-nutrition-for-fatloss-part-1/

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Lets get into post workout, shall we.

This one hits home for me, big time. I once was unaware and used to swear that you needed to have a protein shake immediately after your workout or you will lose all of your gains.


That’s why I wanted to put this out for you, to educate and inform you to make better decisions.

Like pre workout, most people struggle with it but today this is all going to change.

Do you find yourself confused about what to eat after the gym, not sure whats going to give you the BEST RESULTS?

Lets solve this problem once and for all.

Post workout you want to do two things.

Spike insulin and maximize protein synthesis.

For the less scientifically inclined this just means use carbs to increase blood sugar levels and breakdown protein into amino acids to help repair and rebuild your body.

The protein sources you use can be from either whole or powdered sources – it doesn’t really matter.

But!! What about the anabolic window where if I dont have my protein shake after the gym i’ll lose all my gains?!?!!

This beautiful piece of BROSCIENCE that I once believed in is incorrect.

Dependent on your body you’ve got up to 2 hours before there as been shown to be any negative effects of not eating, so there is really no need to have a protein shake the minute you put down your dumb bell after the last rep.

The amount of protein you want should be about 25% of your daily intake as a start.

As you hone in on your macro nutrients you can adjust this to what you want.

With carb sources it doesn’t really matter what you have, as discussed in an early blog GI is somewhat irrelevant.

My go to options are coco bombs or tutti frutti – they both go down so well, as you could imagine.

Wait what? That’s not brown rice or sweet potato I hear you scream!

Yes. I have a life beyond the confines of boring food and plastic containers, but that’s all for another post.

The amount of carbs you have is goal dependent.

If you’re lean bump the carbs up nice and high, if dropping some body fat is your goal keep them under control.

There’s no exact method in determining what you need post workout, just make sure you’ve got a mix of both protein and carbs.

Make sure you’re tracking your macro’s throughout the day so you know where to make adjustments.

But, where do I start?

Well, like I said, post workout nutrition can be confusing and I understand that. What I want you to do right now is to put your details in the box below so we can get your nutrition sorted once and for all.

With this you will get two weeks free training, and a consultation to help you get everything on track. So, put your details in the box below and one of our trainers will give call you to give you a hand.

Jack ‘Post Workout Tutti Fruiti’ Zuvelek