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Workout Nutrition For Fatloss: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 in our series of workout nutrition for fatloss.

If you missed part 1 read it here – Part 1 Pre Workout Nutrition For Fatloss

Today, we’re going to discuss intra workout nutrition.

Intra workout nutrition is what you eat, but in many cases drink when you’re working out.

The reason we do this is so we can maintain our lean muscle tissue when we’re working out. We won’t be actually burning fat during the workout, that is done throughout the rest of the day through a smart nutrition set up!

When this is done correctly it can be an absolute game changer for growth, recovery and fatloss.

I was first introduced to the perks of intra workout nutrition by John Meadows.

You listen to what people like John say because his biceps are the same size of my head, and he was an investment banker, so he’s an intelligent chap.

He put me onto the secret concoction I’m about to share with you, and since that day, have never looked back.

If you find yourself getting to a point of soreness where every step you take after leg day hurts and putting on a t shirt becomes a three man job then this is for you.

Okay, sharing of the secret concoction time.

The best thing you can have is a mixture of carbs and proteins.

You want ones that are high quality and absorbed quickly to fuel your working body.

The best protein to have during your workout is hydrolised casein.

The reason for this is that a di and tripeptide complex that’s transported directly into the bloodstream meaning that your muscles can use it instantly to repair and recover.

I use Peptopro by INZ Nutrition, which you can see here.


(Nothing wrong with an intra-blog selfie, right?)

The best carb source available is a cyclic dextrin. The reason for this is it’s ability to clear your stomach almost instantly, making it’s way straight into to your blood stream, spiking insulin and helping with the repair and recovery process.

The only cyclic dextrin I have used is Glycofuse by Gaspari Nutrition.

You want to experiment with how much of each product you take.

There’s no perfect formula but as a start try the following:

For the ladies, start with 15g of Peptopro and 25g of Glycofuse.

And, for the fellas, start with 20g of Peptopro and 50g of Glycofuse.

Getting on board with an intra workout protocol will allow you to take your training to a whole new level with both your fat burning. You’re able to train harder, more frequently and build lean muscle, which in turn burns more fat.

Click the link to get your hands on the only Peptopro available in Australia: http://inznutrition.com.au

Happy lifting, and what not.

Jack ‘intraworkout fo dayz’ Zuvelek

P.S Here’s the link again if you missed it: http://inznutrition.com.au/