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Work Out Nutrition For Fatloss: Part 1

Today marks the start of our week long workout nutrition guide for fatloss.

Let us start it off with PRE WORKOUT NUTRITION

Most people struggle with it, guys, girls and everyone in between.

Rightly so, it is confusing, especially with all the broscience been thrown around.

‘Train on an empty stomach” “You shouldn’t eat this or shouldn’t eat that before the gym” – it’s all the same, really.

So today I want to clear up any questions you may have about YOUR pre workout nutrition.

In terms of importance, I think it’s one of the most crucial meals of the day, it can either make or break a workout – like seriously!

The two main problems I see every day with people trying to plan their pre workout meal is what to have and when to have it.

Do you find yourself trying to find foods that should be giving you energy to train but find yourself tired and lethargic?

(not exactly what you want when you’re about to train)

The tired feeling would usually come from eating carbohydrates. When we do so our body excretes serotonin, this is a chemical message that in fact puts us to sleep

SO – when we have a big serving of carbs pre workout chances are we could be feeling a little shleeeeeepy – this just totally depends on the person.

The what to eat part is completely dependent on your goals.

If you’re just starting your fatloss journey I recommend keeping carbs low pre workout so that the body has to call upon existing fat stores for energy. You should aim to get some good quality protein and some fat sources from things such and avocado or coconut oil.

If you’re a little more advanced experiment with carbs pre workout, some of you will do well and others will find it a little bit harder to drop that stubborn belly fat..

Solving your second problem about timing is really simple.

There’s no fancy science that says you must eat exactly 22.76 minute before your workout

It all comes down to personal preference.

Aim to have your meal close to your workout, but long enough that you feel comfortable that it is out of your stomach and being digested.

Last thing you want is your chicken and avocado coming up during a heavy set of squats.

Pre workout nutrition can be confusing and I understand that.

What I want you to do right now is to put your details in the box below so we can get your nutrition sorted once and for all.

With this you will get two weeks free training, and a consultation to help you get everything on track.

So, put your details in the box below and one of our trainers will give call you to give you a hand.