When Life Gives You Lemons

This is what I shall call a mini blog.

A mini blog that was created to educate you on how lemon works wonders with your body.

Before we get started I need to get a little ‘science-y’ on you.

Everyone, well should, know about their liver.

It’s that thing you abuse most weekends with copious amounts of vodka, and for the more mature readers, a fine glass of red.

What you probably don’t about the liver is that it is one of the major fat burning organs in the body.

Crazy, huh!

The liver has many roles, which is out of the scope of this article, however one of them is to carry fat into the small intestine through bile, where it gets taken out of the body by you guessed it, going to the toilet.

What stops this process is you, and the amount of stress, and for the lack of a better term crap you throw at it.

It constantly has to eliminate toxins from both food and alcohol, which deviates it from doing the fat burning role in its job description.

We can help our little ole liver detoxify, and in turn burn fat, with lemon juice.

And this is how.

A fancy substance by the name of d-limonene shows its face as a liver tonic and helps the bodies very important digestion process by assisting in the creation of more bile and chauffeuring it’s self to the detoxification pathways of the body.

So by consuming this substance we can help detoxify the liver and therefore let it do what it does best, and help us burn fat.

When you’re drinking your lemon water you should do it with warm water, and here is why.

The reason we drink it in warm water is that cold water causes vasoconstriction in the stomach – meaning the stomach contracts and restricts blood flow.

On the contrary warm water causes vasodilatation in the stomach, which will help increase metabolic rate as there is more activity.

According to scientists D-limonene has a half life of 12-24 hours. For this reason we recommend a glass of WARM water with a half lemon every morning.

Wollah, that’s it, lets get tangy tomorrow morning.

Jack ‘lemons for life’ Zuvelek

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