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Two Way Approach To Expand Your Comfort Zone For Body Transformation Success

Today you are going to find out why it’s important to step out of your comfort zone.

You are also going to learn how you can expand yours through two straightforward approaches for body transformation success

Why? Because in order to inspire positive changes in your body

Like building a strong, fit, healthy, lean & resilient body.

You need to embrace change & get comfortable with being uncomfortable

If you are confined within the walls of your comfort zone while working towards a health & fitness goal

There’s a very good chance you will NOT be encouraging your body & mind to evolve

Part of your transformation journey will involve rolling up your sleeves & encountering some difficulty, discomfort & risks along the way

If you can learn to embrace this, in return you will:

  • -Look, feel & perform better than before
  • -Open up newer possibilities
  • -Expand your knowledge & understanding
  • -Be motivated to constantly achieving more
  • -Feel more in control
  • -Be more productive with living a healthy & active lifestyle
  • -Build confidence & self esteem that transfers to all aspects in life
  • -Find out how capable you really are
  • -Gain comfort in approaching the unknown
  • -Cope better when the unexpected happens

Woah that’s quite an extensive list!

A little bit of discomfort can certainly go a long way!

Lets kick off with what I believe will set you up for success

1.  Upgrade your mindset

Image result for people thinking

I want you to adapt the mindset of an achiever & go-getter

No more being a procrastinator & excuse maker

Act now!

Don’t wait for the perfect moment it will never happen!

It is how much we can become comfortable with being uncomfortable that will determine how much we can grow

From now on when challenges presents themselves

I want you start viewing them as stepping stones that will propel you forward to improve your quality of life

Face them head on

If doubts, fears, insecurities pop up (which they will from time to time)

Address them immediately by asking yourself this simple questions:

“Why do I feel I cannot achieve this?”

“What obstacles will I encounter?”

Then for each reason think of TWO positive steps you can take to move forward with a winning attitude

Boom! Simple & effective

Give it a go

2. Recognise a growth opportunity from your comfort zone & challenge it!

I am going to first describe your comfort zone using a dartboard as an example

In the middle we all know is the bull’s eye (except in this scenario you don’t get the most points)

This is your COMFORT zone

Here you perform the same routines that keep life regularly humming along

The only problem is nothing extraordinary happens & I am sure you want more

Now ask yourself these questions:

“How much of my time is spent in the comfort zone?”

“In what areas do I wish to grow outside of my comfort zone?”

“What does staying in your comfort zone give me?”

Once you begin to get an idea bring your attention to the outer rings of the dartboard

These are your GROWTH zones

The further out the more risk/discomfort involved

I want you to look within the first ring

In this ring it I want you to think of some things you tell yourself you “Should” but you haven’t done yet

Now choose that thing that makes you feel you “Should” have done by now & make it into a 28 day challenge!

  • -Give up alcohol
  • -Train everyday
  • -Set a strength goal
  • -Eat veggies at every meal
  • -Wake up at 5am everyday
  • -Track your food, water & sleep everyday
  • -Give up smoking
  • -Prep meals twice a week
  • -Learn a new recipe each week

The list is endless…….

Then commit to one & make sure you hold yourself accountable

1. Make a contract with yourself
2. Make it public (tell friends & family, post on social media)
3. Keep track of progress (journal, photos, measurements, tracking apps)
4. Have a reward at the end of it

Even with trial & error along the way your perspective will likely begin to change & you will see things are possible

With this added confidence you can then begin to branch out into greater leaps & further expand your comfort zone

And open the path to Fulfilment, Freedom, Fearlessness, Passion, Excitement & Self Discovery

What is your 28 Day Challenge going to be?

I would love to know

If you feel like sharing it with me I’m opening up my inbox to listen.

Shoot me an email on dave@thebodyconsultants.com

And I’ll chat to you soon.


Signing off,

Dave ‘Comfort Zone Escapee’ Buck


P.S – If nothing changes, nothing changes. This change starts with you.