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At The Body Consultants we generally look at people like this when they drop the C bomb

Before you get your linguistic knickers in a knot I’m referring to cardio.

Apparently it’s a necessity if you want to lose body fat.

Just read any magazines or website and this will be a common trend

Today I’m here to tell you whether YOU need cardio or not.

Chances are you don’t

We generally don’t use it in our gym for the following reasons

  • It’s not efficient
  • It’s boring as hell
  • There is better things you could be doing with that time
  • Treadmills get you nowhere – literally 😉


If we don’t use it does this mean cardio is bad?


There is just a lot more effective and efficient ways for you to get the body that you want without slogging out on the tread mill, bike, cross trainer or any other piece of equipment you choose.

In terms of WHO actually needs to do cardio as for most things the answer is it depends.

I’m going to use 2 very obvious examples of typical gym people

(is that even a thing).. gym people.. 

Anyways we digress.

So the first person lets call her Amy

Amy hasn’t done any real exercise in 12 months.

After a trip to Europe she didn’t renew her gym membership because she was going to give Yoga a shot.

But she didn’t like Yoga so she just decided to give it a miss while she got her new job in order

Amy hasn’t really done any exercise and is finding herself out of shape.

Amy can do cardio and she will probably get some really good results initially.

The reason for this is that Amy hasn’t been doing anything besides sitting on the couch exploring the wonderful world of Netflix

So by adding some sort of light cardio she’s going to increase her energy expenditure and if she keeps eating the same as she has been then chances are she will lose a bit of weight from the energy deficit.

This is good for Amy.

You go girl.

You go from doing nothing to some light cardio and that’s big accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself.

Would Amy get the same results by doing some resistance training instead of cardio.

Chances are yes, yes she would.

The reason for this again is the energy expenditure.

However the difference between the resistance training and the cardio is highlighted in example 2

Lets call example 2 Ash

Ash in the gym world is what you call a cardio bunny..

Ash religiously finds her way onto the treadmill at least 4 times a week with her fresh pair of Nike Free’s and her Lululemon tights and matching top.

Ash does 10km on the treadmill in about half an hour..

Day in day out Ash grinds away.

But the issue is that nothings really changing.

Her weight isn’t going down and her belly isn’t getting any flatter.

She’s eating next to nothing and doing all of this cardio..

Ash is generally the one that tells you she goes to the gym all the time and eats really healthy…

This some ups at Ash.


It’s not Ash’s fault..

Ash has experienced what we call the adaptation principle.

If you feel like you’ve experience something similar to Ash then you should jump over onto the academy and have a look


Her body has become really efficient at doing this cardio and those original results she got when she was in Amy’s position no longer occur.

To her credit she has become so good at doing cardio her body no longer needs to burn through as much energy..

Think of it this way.

When you’re driving trying to beat the chaos of the crazy soccer mums in their Range Rovers on Stirling Highway your car will use around 10L per 100kms due the stop-start nature of city traffic.

If you compare this to when you drive down south in cruise control your car will be sitting at around the 6L per 100km because you’re going at the same speed in a straight line..

Very much when you go for your 5km run..

The reason for the reduction in fuel usage is efficiency.

Your body is exactly the same

It adapts..

So in this case Ash shouldn’t really be doing any cardio and she will probably need to move into some resistance based training if she wants to actually get some results.

This is where resistance training triumphs cardio.

The glorious thing about resistance training is that your body can’t really adapt to it and if it does you can change something very quickly.

Add a little more weight on to the exercise, add another rep, another set or reduce the rest time.

The possibilities are endless.


Yes you can, however the only really thing that you can do is do more time and when one of the biggest objections is ‘I don’t have time to exercise’ this doesn’t seem like a too viable option now does it.

Just like old mate


Cause if you do run for 40 minutes instead of 30 your body will soon adapt to that and then guess what you’re going to have to do 50 then 60 minutes..

I’m going to take a guess that you don’t have the time nor wanting to be doing cardio for double the time for the same results do yaaaaaa?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

So in terms of the two examples of Amy & Ash..

Amy is probably going to see some results from cardio INITIALLY until she adopts and then that will come to a screeching halt at that time the most logical thing for her to do is to get started in some resistance training.

If she was in Perth she would jump on over to here and have a look at our Transformation Academy.

Ash has already had her fun in the sun when it comes to results from cardio based exercises and probably needs to venture her way into the weights room.

Does that all make sense?

I hope it does.



This is the area that I personally use cardio..

Yeah crazy phenomenon the guy who lifts heaps of weights and has a gym with no treadmills does cardio..

Before you jump to any crazy conclusions hear me out.

Pretty much every Sunday I’ll walk to my coffee shop and get a coffee it’s about a 30 minute trip there and back.

I’ll either take my phone and listen to an audiobook OR leave it at home and totally disconnect from the world.

I do generally opt for the no phone version as it’s not too often that you’re able to completely cut links with technology these days.

I find this helps because

  • It allows me to just have some time to think and reflect
  • It gets me out into the fresh air
  • It allows me some time for a bit of vitamin D exposure (read the supplement blog to learn about the benefits of that)

All of these three things are very beneficial for overall health and wellbeing.

However the distinction I need to make very clear here is that I do this because it helps me destress NOT FOR ANY BODY COMPOSITION CHANGES AT ALL

That’s the big thing I need you to understand.

To change mine or any of our members body compositions I’d use weight training every day of the week.

But for a chance to destress and get in touch with nature going for a nice walk and getting a nice coffee can do a world of good.

So if you enjoy going for a walk, run, swim cycle because of the stress relieving benefits then go for it..

But if you’ve been doing it for longer than a month or so and haven’t scene any body composition changes chances are they’re not going to come..

And like einstein said

‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result’

And you my friend are not insane.

Jack ‘Cardio is cool, sometimes’ Zuvelek

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This is where we take you through training, nutrition, mindset and recovery in 21 days to actually show you how to get results.

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