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Training Tip Tuesday – Top 4 Chinup Variations (List)

There are many different chin up variations you can chose from.

At The Body Consultants our top four are

1. Wide grip pronated

2. Medium grip supinated

3. Wide grip neutral

4. Narrow grip neutral

Watch the video to see all four in action



The reason we change the grips is that they stimulate the muscles of the back a little differently with each of the movement patterns.

The wide grip pronated are going to be the hardest, not for the light at heart.

They are going to require the most lat activation and are pretty tough.

These are good for your experienced lifter.

The supinated variations is going to recruit a lot more biceps, making them good on either or arm or back day dependent on your goals.

The narrow grip variations tend to be easier on the shoulder joint and generally an easy movement for a beginner.

When ever doing any of the chinup variations you want to make sure that you’re leaning back slightly and bringing your chest to the bar.

This is going to mean that you minimize recruitment in the lats and give you the best contractions possible.

For a challenge, you can do an omni set to a predetermined rep count.

Start with 20 and work your way up adding 5 more chin ups every workout.

This is going to extend out the duration of your set, putting your muscles under more stress that are going to cause a bigger change in your physique.

Guys, if you need help with your chin ups, or ladies, want to master your first one then enter your details in the box below for your 14 day free personal training pass.

We will go over how to program your chinups for the fellas, and get you girls on your way to your first chinup.

So, enter your details below and one of our trainers will give you a call.


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