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Training Tip Tuesday – DB Curl’s Extended Set

Curls for the girls right.

Nice arms are like abs.

Everyone wants them

You would be lying if you didn’t.

Taking something simple like an arm, and making it into a beautiful work of art.

This is what this post is about.

We’ve got our regular db curl, but we’re going to glorify it and make it into something more.

Watch the video below to see what I mean.


What did ya think?

As you can see that really smashes you.

It takes a weight that you can normally do for 10 reps and allows you to do 20 reps, well, 19 for me on my right.

This is going to mean a longer time under tension, causing more muscle break down and firmer, stronger arms.

Pretty cool huh?

This kind of set is really easy.

Grab your weight, and start repping out on one side, hit a pre determined number of reps then switch arms.

As an added bonus, you can keep going for 2’s or even 1’s on each side until you can’t get any more reps.

That is surely going to cook your arms in ways unimaginable.

This kind of set takes your regular curl, and gives it a fun and challenging edge.

Much like we do with our training down at The Body Consultants.

I’m guessing your training has become a bit stale, and you want to step it up.

If you’re ready, enter your details in the box below and claim your two week free pass.

We will show you a heap of new training techniques to keep your training fun and exciting.

James ‘gun show’ Buchanan.