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Three Valuable Steps to Forming Value-Based Goals

Welcome to 2017!

Have you made vague promises about things you would like to change?

Only to have a generalised, non constructive resolution set up for failure?

Fear not!

What if I told you:

You can help NURTURE, ENGAGE & UNLEASH the ‘BEST’ version of you this year?

Well you certainly can

Just by bringing a VALUES-BASED approach to achieving your 2017 goals

I want to show you HOW to go about this

Through Three Simple steps

By reading this little beauty of a spill

You will learn to harness the power of Value-based goals

Helping you align your goals with your values

This will allow you to pay more attention to what was going on within you


And ONLY then will you truly be able to BETTER yourself

So scrap the ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra NONSENSE

Typically made up of broken resolutions such as:

Lose weight & get fit
Eat healthier & diet
Drink less
Be less stressed
Get organised
Spend more time with family

It’s time to get busy focusing on VALUE based goals


Not willpower driven goals


Willpower is short lived


They are your inner compass that guide majority of your life decisions

Let’s set sail with step one

Step 1: Self reflection

Before you launch yourself into the new year

I want you PAUSE for a moment


Self reflection is a powerful process

It is the perfect opportunity to think about where you are currently at


Where you would like to go

You may have a new challenge that awaits you

Or perhaps you could improve & do better this year

Set aside some uninterrupted quiet time & ask yourself these questions:

What am I most proud of last year?

How can I become better?

Where am I feeling stuck?

What behaviours/habits have I changed to improve my lifestyle?

Have I allowed fear of failure hold me back?

What old habits would I like to release?

What new habits would I like to cultivate?

Once you have your answers

You will begin to form an idea of what direction you would like to go you go

Then you can begin to align values

Step 2: Access Your Values

Now it’s time to step back & access your values

To determine whether or not how you spend your time falls in line

You will see if you are getting closer to your goals or further away

Try this simple exercise to see where you are at

1. Write down your Top Three Goals & Values

(Example: Your goal may be to reach a specific performance goal: Bench Press bodyweight, Do a strict chin-up, squat bodyweight for 10 reps, or even a goalS that reflect how you look, feel & even your health.


Your values may be:


Health related

Feeling energised & Happy

Personal Growth & Development

Relationships with partner, parents, friends, children etc

Fun orientated

Being a role model


  1. Write down how you spend your typical day

    5.30am wake up
    5.45am quick breakfast/sometimes skip it

6.30am drive to work
7-12pm work
12-12.30pm buying lunch at cafe
12.30-5pm work
6pm make or buy dinner & continue to work
11pm go to bed

3. Compare your list of Goals & Values with how you spend your typical day

In the above example, the individual would be spending majority of their time working & eating on the go

And spending very little amount of time with family & setting aside time for training, eating well & resting to be energised & happy

It isn’t until you step aside for a moment

And look at your life as an outsider that you realise

You may not be doing all that you can do to live a more fulfilling life

Remember your Health, Performance & state of mindset

Are a direct reflection of the balance you have in your life

Bringing awareness to how you are spending your day

As well as the thoughts you choose to pay attention to

Can help you pick up on any barriers that may be holding you back

Step 3: Align Your Values

First & Foremost


Adapt the SMART Goal model


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely


Example: Lose 10kg & be under 20% bodyfat within the next 6months


Next establish some behavioural goals

Example One: Within the next two weeks sign up to a gym & train 4 times a week under the supervision of a trainer


Example two: Eat four planned meals/snacks everyday & record in a food diary/app


Good old fashioned SMART Goals are incredibly useful

As they are mile markers along the way


But you must also ensure DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY


This will keep you on track & gives you consistent feedback

Example: implementing a mindfulness strategy


Such as:


Keeping a food diary/app on hand

Setting reminders/alarms

Reviewing your daily goals before you go to bed

Sharing your goals on social media

Make a video diary

Take photos every week

Sign yourself a contract

The list is endless……….


Then align these goals with your top values


To further enforce why you are doing them


So at the end of each day


You can ask yourself

‘Did I pursue my values today?’


Your values could be:


Being a good role model for your children
Having the energy or mobility to do the things you love to do
To choose foods that nourish your body & spirit
Choose in-season wholesome foods that reflect your commitment to local, sustainable farming
To be the healthiest & best version of yourself, so you can contribute to your community & make the world a better place



So now I urge you to use the above information to the best you can


Make the effort to do a mini review on yourself

If you have taken anything away from this

Make sure you:


Pause to reflect often
Make SMART goals with small achievable behavioural changes

Hold yourself accountable DAILY

Align your goals with YOUR VALUES


By pursuing goals in service to your values


You will develop a sense of purpose to where you are going

Which will ultimately lead to a BETTER version of you in 2017


‘New year, Better you’

So this year make 2017 a year of Values


To make a start today with your transformation for 2017

Book in an appointment with myself or another valuable member of The Body Consultants

Contact me


Or follow the link to start right away

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Let us help you discover how to add that much needed Value in your life

Signing off

Dave ‘Added Value Buck