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Three Step Plan to Combat Procrastination

I planned on procrastinating today……….

But……. I never got around to doing it

Did you see the irony there?

I’m sure you did

If not carefully read again

Now let’s explore the very nature of Procrastination & how I can help you manage it

Pay particular attention.. Because this is a crucial area you want to manage well to succeed in making a body transformation

You see when you put off a task today for later on (lets say eating better tomorrow when you feel like it)

You are basically setting the intention based on the idea that the task will be more appealing & feel more achievable in the future than right now

This classic evasive tactic our minds uses to delay a task leads many of us to put off tasks again & again

By saying to yourself :

“I’m going to (want to) to do later”

And thinking that it will feel better not to do right now

This may be setting yourself up for hard times (something none of us want)

Presenting a huge stumbling block not only for effective body transformation but all aspects of life

Leading to WORRY, STRESS & worst of all the feeling of REGRET

However, if you get procrastination under control you will find yourself:

Maximising your TIME
Spending less time on unimportant tasks
Building up a habit of productivity
Focusing  on what really matters
Spending more time exercising
Cooking healthy meals
Picking up new skills & habits


So how do I get it under control?

Well I could just tell you now to just avoid procrastination (if only it was so easy)

But…. It’s a universal problem that we all face & it’s not simply just a case of saying “YES I will stop procrastinating” and let me explain why

As humans we have a choice to procrastinate & it all comes down to one simple thing…..

The wiring of our brains….

During moments of feeling overwhelmed…

For example when it gets hectic at work, you are mentally fatigue

Yet…you still have to meal prep & train on top of it!

Your brain usually goes into a fight (resistance) or flight (ignore) reaction

With this reaction happening there is also an on going battle between two regions of the brain

Your brain is at war

The first region is the LIMBIC SYSTEM which controls mood & instinct

This is the most dominant part of the brain, which is fully developed at birth

It is responsible for basic emotions – Fear, Anger & Pleasure

And responds to immediate concrete rewards

Especially when can be touched, smelled, tasted or heard

It is also what tells you to get away from unpleasant tasks

Explains why you may be more inclined to skip training to go out with friends

The second region is the PREFRONTAL CORTEX

‘The Internal Planner’ which assimilates information & makes decisions

It eventually focuses you to complete a task

BUT….. Requires EFFORT to make it function

As soon as you lose focus the limbic system takes over (which is often)

And you become more interested in something that pleases you

This is Procrastination kicking is

Causing you to put it off until later

What could (& should) be done now

The end result: either

a) Wait to the last minute & rely on an adrenaline rush to complete the task, often resulting in less than desired result #sloppywork
b) Feel overwhelmed by the task & put it off altogether & fail to make any progress

So why on earth do we procrastinate then?

This generally comes down to a number of things

Why we procrastinate

Lack of motivation (Internal & External)
Poor time management
Fear of failure & being evaluated
Fear of success
Feeling overwhelmed – magnifying things
Avoiding pain

Being able to recognise what is causing it always the first step

But you also need to realise that there is YOU who is reading this now

And there is a you sometime in the future

Who will influenced by a different set of ideas & desires

So let’s look at a Three Step Plan that can help combat Procrastination in its tracks

1. Set hard deadlines

When I think of deadlines the proverb known as Parkinson’s Law comes to my mind

It states ‘Work expands to fill the time available for its completion’

Meaning if you give yourself a longer time to complete what should be shorter…..

Then (psychologically speaking) the task/goal will increase in complexity & become what seems more daunting, procrastination kicks in

Oh and you’ll freak out until it’s done!

It might not be ‘extra’ work but rather just the stress & tension of getting it done

This productivity zapping effect also happens with body transformation

This is why setting hard DEADLINES can attach FOCUS to the game plan

To do this write up a list of all your fitness related goals & divide by the amount of time it should take to complete

*If you are not sure what is possible book in for a consult @ The Body Consultants


Okay so lets choose one common goal for example

Lose 10kg

Now designate time to each goal

In 6 months lose 10kgs

3 months loses 5kg

1month lose 1.5kg

1 week lose 1/2kg

You are now breaking it up into more manageable sections

These deadlines now force aggressive ACTION

Apply it to your fitness goals

That way you are assigning the right amount of time to compete each task to reach your goals

And… You end up gaining back time & the task will reduce in perceived complexity

2. Self versus Time management

You don’t manage time

You manage yourself in time

Let that sink in for a moment……..

Self management is a skill that will take EFFORT, PLANNING & DEDICATION

However, once you get a taste of this lifestyle you won’t want to go back

So let’s go to the drawing board for nutrition & training

Both of which require planning & discipline

And….has little room for procrastination


Draw up a meal plan – doesn’t have to be complicated, just plan out the basics & make sure you know the components
Schedule shopping trips –
Meal prep in advance for the day or week – you don’t have to be a chef, cook simple meals in bulk
Purchase food containers
Purchase a cooler bag or some sort of lunch bag (perhaps reward yourself with one)
Buy a water bottle – one that is easy to travel with


Commit to a set schedule that reflects you goals and ability to stay CONSISTENT
Know why you are training, it must have a purpose
Find a coach to help establish a plan

So once you have developed a bit of a plan it’s time to break it down further & make a task list

First determine what three important tasks will you do each day to bring you closer to that goal

So I’ll start by going back to the example of losing 10kg in 6months

What I would do is split it into Daily, Weekly & Monthly tasks


1. Track my food & hit my macros
2. Commit to my training schedule
3. Meet my water intake & sleep requirements


1. Meal prep on a Sunday for the week ahead (2 meals for each day x 7 = 14meals)
2. Plan out how I will fit in my own training around clients
3. Review my weekly tasks & address areas of concern


1. Take objective measurements (weight, body fat levels, muscle mass etc)
2. Check my own level of accountability over past month (food, training, water, sleep)
3. Reward my self – I will discuss more in the next step

As you can see nothing too fancy here… But I would be focusing on hitting my nutrition, getting in my workouts & doing what I need for adequate recovery

I am also holding myself accountable & keeping myself motivated

This focus on consistency is what I suggest you apply to help you to achieve your longer term goals

3. Reward yourself

Remember this. All goals are reward driven

There is always an emotional key behind every goal

This could more confidence, looking better, better health, improved sports performance

But what about little reward along the way

Yes of course but I find a lot of my clients end up choosing food as a reward

Often resulting in a massive pig-out that blows their macros out of proportion

I would strongly advise choosing rewards that compliment your goals

This could be those new shoes you saw on display at Nike, some Bluetooth headphones for the gym (my latest reward for meeting my goal)  lifting accessories, activewear the list goes on….

My point is whatever your goal is understand what emotionally drives it

Then apply rewards that reinforce & motivate you to continue taking action

Bonus tips

Know your Circadian Rhythm AKA your body clock

That way you can determine where your willpower is highest to care of your tasks

That could mean getting up earlier than usual & nailing your workout

Use technology to your advantage

These tools alone won’t help but definitely makes things easier that’s for sure

Track your macros on Apps like myfitnesspal, mynetdiarypro, cronometer, even Excel

Although not all entirely accurate, the point is it will make you aware of what you are eating & help keep you accountable

Apps to keep you focused – Self control to focus (Mac), Freedom (PC), Anti Social (Mac & PC)

These apps will block out distractions such as emails, social media & games

This can save you from wasting time & procrastinating when you need to complete tasks

Allowing you more time to get yourself to the gym & focus on tasks that will help you reach your goals

Not things like playing angry-birds or checking up on people you went to high school with but never spoke to (admit it you have done it at least once)

Find a coach

Great way to eliminate procrastination

We have heard all the excuses but know how to motivate you & push you past those self imposed limits

We will also provide accountability, something we pride ourselves on


So if you are ready to beat procrastination please email me at


I would love to get you started on a your body transformation journey

Signing off

Dave ‘Getting it Done‘ Buck