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Three Common Fears You Need To Overcome To Transform Your Body & Life (Part One) – Conquer the Fear of the unknown


What is it?

Well,for one thing it is nature’s way of protecting us from pain & danger. It serves as a sort of alarm system as a means of self-preservation.From an evolutionary point of perspective we are born with only two fears:

  1. Fear of falling
  2. Fear of loud noises

    Now think of OTHER fears you currently have. If you were not born with these fears you have today, where did they come from?


The answer is: at some point in your life you acquired them.

Yep, that’s right. Either some past event caused you to associate pain or danger with whatever it is you fear. So now, you are strongly motivated to avoid experiencing those emotions again. Or …..the fear(s) manifested itself in your thoughts as a product of your brain, only given a few pieces of information, leaving it to fill in the rest of the details by itself. This usually happens by the means of filling it from your subconscious, imagination, insecurities, & past experiences.

And before you know it, you may be imagining things that may not happen or ever happen.

False Evidence Appearing Real

This cause you to focus on the negatives & express self defeating thoughts including self-pity, anxiety, despair, hopelessness & resignation.

All these can be idea crippling, experience crushing & success stalling. Nobody benefits from that.You learned these fears, and too often we allow these certain fears to dominate & define our lives.

But what if I said you could unlearn them?

How would that change your life?

How would that empower you to live life on your own terms?

Would you feel better day to day?

I certainly hope so!

Over the next three days I will discuss one common fear per day that people face when seeking a body transformation.

I want to help you better understand the concept of fear & overcoming these three common fears.

The first fear I will discuss is:

Fear of the UNKNOWN

So whether you are new to the health & fitness scene or already a seasoned health junkie, it is worth your time to keep reading.

Because it is through overcoming the fear of the UNKNOWN that ultimately helps you build the fit & healthy character of the person you want to become. This will allow you to reach your true potential & not be left behind afraid to move forward.

Fear of the unknown

I want you to first understand it is only human nature to be afraid of the unknown.

For example, if you enter a gym for the first time they can be intimidating from the get go with their own customs, culture & rules. There is unfamiliar, strange looking equipment everywhere, sweaty fit bodies, plenty of noise. For someone looking to start their body transformation journey, it can be a lot to handle. It comes to no surprise it can become overwhelming when first starting out.

This is because there is a degree of UNCERTAINTY.

As human beings we like the need to be in control. When we are not in control, it can make us feel frustrated, overwhelmed, & stressed — all symptoms of uncertainty.

To feel in control & be certain about things, we often need experience to build the confidence.

Think about all the things you are confident doing now that you once were afraid of…….

If you develop the courage to step outside your comfort zone & challenge yourself, such as joining the gym, learning new movements with your body, changing your food habits, finding a coach.

Over time will find that you have built the confidence to keep up the lifestyle, wllowing you to grow into the fit & healthy person you envision to become.

And why wouldn’t anyone want to build a strong body that enables to perform daily tasks more efficiently, have more energy, improve their health, feel good & look better naked?

It is extremely empowering & will help boost confidence in all aspects of life.

So, to excel at managing the unknown is to acknowledge what you don’t know & move forward based on what you do know & focus on what you can do NOW. 

You may make mistakes but that is better than keeping still.

If you desire a more clear direction, that’s why there are coaches/trainers. They can be invaluable in helping you reach your body transformation goals. The more you know about the way things work for a fitter & healthier lifestyle, the less you’ll fear.  A coach/trainer can teach you the ins and outs.

So, step into uncertainty and bring in the certainty of the situation by focusing on:

What you can control
What you are already grateful for
The difference you can make for yourself

Then….. Some extraordinary things can begin to happen!

If that’s not enough to get you going, then ask yourself these powerful questions:

What is the best outcome that can happen?

What is the worst outcome that can possibly happen?

What is the result of remaining the same?

If you still have a fear of the unknown with making a body transformation, I would love to have a chat!

Or, if you would like to simply have us at The Body Consultants to guide you, with our approach  that has a proven track record, you can take the first step by emailing me on the address below.


Or visit our website:


Signing off,

Dave ‘Moving Forward’ Buck
P.S. Tomorrow we will reveal another common fear that often compromises health & happiness & is generally the secret reason why people do not take up an active lifestyle