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The Power Of Protein Part 1

This blog aims to try to help you understand protein a little better.

Protein and its breakdown of amino acids are used for production of every cell in the body while also acting as a detoxifier.

Adequate protein is necessary for building and maintaining that lean muscle mass.

A low protein intake may result in breakdown of previously existing muscle tissue for energy. This is going to slow your metabolism down and will mean that you burn less fat then you previously did, aint no time fo dat.

Old mate protein has been given some bad reviews over time. Some people think that a high-protein diet will harm your kidneys and cause osteoporosis.

Lets clear this up.

It is true that eating protein can make you excrete more calcium in the short term.

However, there are long-term studies show that protein intake is associated with improved bone health and a lower risk of fractures, not the other way around, and I’ve got both of the studies for you scientific inclined. (1)(2)

In terms of protein and body composition it is vital that you’re eating enough protein.

If fat loss is the goal we recommend 1g per pound of body weight.

So, for a 60kg girl, they would want to convert their weight into pounds (60 x 2.2 = 132) and that will give them their daily protein requirements while dieting, which in thise case is 132g per day.

The reason we do this is that protein is the most filling of the macro nutrient groups, meaning that it will keep you fuller for longer.

Secondly, it improves thermogenesis. Simply, it’s the energy used in digestion, absorption and distribution of nutrients. Protein makes the biggest increase here when compared to carbs and fats, n terms of improving thermogenesis.

In terms of your proteins sources you have a variety of options. We recommend red meats such as beef, lamb and kangaroo. Poultry variations such as chicken, eggs and turkey. Small fish varieties such as salmon and snapper.

Finally, a good quality protein powder, which you can source here. (Probably the best protein you’ve ever tasted)

Many ladies are scared of protein powders because apparently it makes girls bulky.

Have no fear, on Friday we are going to take you through a video explaining protein powder in it’s entirety.

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