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The Chin Up Solution

Chin ups are awesome.

People that say otherwise probably can’t do them.

The reason that I love them for everybody is for two reasons.

1. They use a heap of different muscles. 

What we know about this is that the more muscles we use the more energy we expend, and if our nutrition is on point the more fat we will burn!

2. They decompress the spine. 

So when you hang with your feet in the air old mate gravity is acting upon you with all its might.

This decompresses the spine.

This is beneficial for anyone who does any sort of squatting or deadlifting as there is a lot of compressive force going through your spine.

Couple this by sitting down all day and you’ve got an eventual recipe for disaster.

So yeah, chin-ups are pretty important from both a fat loss and preventive measure.

In terms of difficulty, a chin-up is up there with one of the most difficult exercises in the gym.

Not from a skill perspective like a squat

But more from a strength perspective. It takes strength to be able to lift your entire body weight up with your arms.

Doing your first one is similar to your first time.

Insert wink face here 😉

It takes preparation, planning and sometimes a bit of luck.

For some, it comes naturally, but for the not so fortunate of us, we have to put in the hard yards to get the first one over the line.

In the video below I show you exactly how to get your first chin and the different progressions that you can use to make your first time that little bit easier..

Because, like..

Don’t we all wish that was the case.

So from the video you can see there’re a couple of different ways to go about it.

The first is the eccentric overload.

This is simply getting yourself to the top of the movement and lowering yourself as slowly as possible.

Once you can lower yourself for a 60-second count you should be able to do 1 full chin up.

The next way to improve your chin ups is by using a resistant band.

This is going to be a more advantageous way to improve your chin up performance.

The bands can work both ways, depending on what part of the movement you’re struggling with.

They will work better if you’re weaker in the bottom of part of the movement, whereas the resistance becomes less at the top of the movement which will actually make it harder for you.

Use the different foot and leg positions of the band to make progress each of the exercises in difficulty.

Once you get to this stage you should be able to do a full chin up without a band.

Like. A. Boss.

From there work chin ups into your workouts, if you’re new to them I would recommend putting them first in your workout when you’re fresh as if you do other work before you try to do your chin ups you may find yourself fatigued.

Now, go get chinning.

Jack ‘The Chin Up Doctor’ Zuvelek

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