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The 4 Must Have Supplements That Will Help You Feel & Look Good Naked

In my younger days I used to spend a lot of money on pretty much every supplement out there.

3 different types of protein, 2 brands of creatine, alternating pre workout and post workout formulas, glutamine, caffeine, nitric oxide, agmatine and the list goes on.

It even got to the stage where I would take 2-3 shakers to school to make sure that I maximised my gainzZZz

Boy I was stupid. However I learned from my mistakes and you can too.

So supplements…

If you’re like most you’re probably going to be crazily confused about all the shiny labels and outlandish claims that the companies make.

Things like lose 4kg of fat in 7 days or something ridiculous like that.

You’d think that you, the educated reader of my beautiful blog would not by into such nonsense.

But here’s a bomb drop to get us started…

The supplement industry is worth a lot of money..

In fact, in 2012 the industry itself was worth 32 billion US dollars.


32.. fucking billion…

Any my man Patrick from Spongebob has some good words of wisdom for you

1 sup

With that type of coin involved you can see why manufacturer mislead the innocent consumers to part with their hard earned pennies on products that are for the lack of some better words, shit house.

However, have no fear,

Today I’m going to teach you the fantastic four of the supplement world that I believe that can help almost every body improve their body, optimise their health and help them look better naked.

Number 1 on my list is Magnesium.


When you pick the right one…

The not so good one is Magnesium Oxide

This form is poorly absorbed by the body due to the inorganic salt that it is binded to.

So when you’re mag-ing up you wanna find a chelated magnesium

Chelated…. you say.

Yes chelated.

You want it chelated to an amino acid so that it can be absorbed into the blood.

Things like Magnesium glycinate, gluconate and lysinate are great.

So why is Magnesium so important?


It’s co factor involved in over 350 enzymatic processes in the body.

This means that is responsible for bodily functions, and without it, these functions don’t happen.

Things like brain function and neurotransmitter production rely heavily on magnesium, so in order to feel good and be happy we need magnesium

(it’s one of the main supplements used to fight anxiety and depression)

Magnesium also helps fight inflammation which will mean that you may live longer.

(Inflammation is a contributing factor in every disease known to man)

Also, due to its calming effects on the nervous system magnesium it will help you get into a deep and recuperative sleep.


And finally for all of ma sisters out there that find themselves in some serious pain during that time of the month, old mate magnesium may help reduce the severity of those period pains!

1 sup 2

Note 1 *winning for the ladies*

Note 2 *sorry bro if I creeped you out*

If you experience any of the following

Feeling weak and tired, insomnia, loss of appetite, kidney stones, osteoporosis, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, sugar cravings, fatigue or high blood pressure.

Magnesium can help.

So yeah, Magnesium is awesome, and everyone should take it.

How much: 10mg of elemental Magnesium per kilo of body weight.

So for a 60kg lady 600mg of elemental mag, for 100kg dude 1g of the good stuff.

Zinc is numero 2.

Zinc is also awesome. And very important.

Zinc is found in every tissue in the body, is directly involved in cell division and is a powerful antioxidant that may help prevent cancer!

Also, it’s involved in the maintenance of healthy hormone levels.

In males it plays a vital role in the prostate and male sex hormone production.

And in females  it’s involved in the growth process of the egg, and proper estrogen metabolism.

SO yeah… it’s rather important to make sure you keep doing you by supplementing with Zinc, and don’t go all Bruce Jenner on me.

1 sup 3

In terms of forms, again go for something chelated to an amino acid.

I like Zinc Picolinate and Citrate.

How much: Aim for 40mg per day.

*if you’re deficient then you can increase that dosage but you would want to get a red blood cell count done before making any assumptions*

* If you want the referral form that I use with clients to get their bloods done shoot me an email, but you gotta keep reading to get my email address 😉 *

Number 3 is Vitamin D

(That rhymed)

And Yes – it’s no surprise that my initials are J Z.

But back to the mighty D. Lol. I should stop.

Vitamin D is an absolute game changer in terms of your health and body composition.

It is associated with a wide range of benefits including increased brain function, improved immune and bone health, and general overall well being.

It is understood that it can also reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

As one uneducated health nut may say a ‘superfood’… or what ever that means.

People are not generally deficient in Vitamin D if they get enough sun light.

(since it is synthesised in the skin on exposure)

BUT chances are you’re not going to have an optimal level of Vitamin D.

And I’m all about optimal so I think it’s in your best interest to supplement with Vitamin D as it’s going to make you feel better, think better and again alluding to the reason you’re reading this blog, to look good naked.

It does this by helping you with fat metabolism.

In terms of forms I go with a liquid vitamin D solution in a fat source as it is a fat soluble nutrient.

This means that it needs a fat source to be metabolised properly.

How much: 5000IU’s daily should be pretty spot on.

DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN 10000IU’s daily, at this level it becomes toxic and can alter with calcium metabolism and potentially be lethal. *

The final of my fantastic four is fish oil.

Fish oil is a very powerful supplement that most of society need.

It has two main roles.

The first is fighting inflammation.

Like I mentioned earlier, inflammation is a common factor in every disease known to man, so by supplementing with A GOOD QUALITY SOURCE of fish oil you’re going to be put the proactive foot down on fighting terminal diseases which can only be a good thing.

Secondly is this.

Fish oil turns on lipolytic genes and turns of the lipogenic genes.

1 SUP 4

What is this fancy science jargon Jack?

Well what that means in the simplest form is that it turns your fat burning genes on and the fat storing genes off.

Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

The reason we need to supplement with fish oil is due to the poor omega 3 quality and quantity in our food chain today. Our food chain is not as nutritious as it used to be due to the high levels of farming that takes place.

How much: This really depends on body composition and quality meat sources eaten in your diet but to give you something to work with I’d aim for 3 caps 2x per day.

In terms of your source it is of the upmost importance to get a free caught and refrigerated fish oil.

If you get a cheap fish oil it GENERALLY would have come from farmed fish that are more toxic than Ben Cousins on Monday morning and further more it would have been shipped over in a massive sea container in extreme heats making the fish oil rancid and useless.


Exactly what you wanted to hear right?

No. Not at all.

With Fish Oil, and actually all the supplements I’ve mentioned it does pay to source them from

A) a reputable brand – if you want a list of brands that I used in the gym just shoot me an email at jack@thebodyconsultants.com

and B) someone with a body composition that you have a little admiration for.

There are way too many people out there with poor body compositions advising people on supplements for optimal health when the can’t even look after themselves. But that’s a rant for another day.

From my experience supplements from the supermarket or chain chemists are usually hopeless and again aren’t worth the value of the plastic containers they come in.

In conclusion the inclusion of the fantastic four 

Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D and Fish Oil

are only going to have positive effects on your health, mood, training, sleep, life and ability to look good naked and that’s why I recommend them.

Jack ‘sealing the supplement deal’ Zuvelek