The Body Consultants Training Centre Story

What a day.

We opened the doors of The Body Consultants Training Centre.

I thought, I would have been a lot more worried and scared, however I wasn’t, quite frankly there wasn’t time to worry, and I mean, being scared is for pussy’s right?

The whole thing happened in exactly a month, let me run you through the timeline.

February 17th: After a rather large birthday celebration that lead me feeling like death at my 6am bootcamp Jimmy dragged me to the premises, against my request, to have a look.

We said to each other “It didn’t look too shabby, lets go see what the real estate agent has to say.

We made our way to his office and he laid down the finer details. Both James and I were pretty happy with it so we put down an offer.

February 24th: By this time we had made our way over to Vegas, not thinking much of the offer, we got the email, the email that I dare say changed my life.

“Jack and James, the owner has accepted the lease, the property is yours on the conditions agreed upon”

I remember reading this on my phone while sitting on the hotel bed deciding what we were going to eat for lunch.

I said to Jimmy “Well then, looks like we are opening a gym”

The next couple of days consisted of prolonged visits to Starbucks, not for the coffee, but for the free wifi.

Skype become our port of call, we called equipment suppliers, flooring guys, a few electricians, you name it and we probably called them.

It’s amazing what you can achieve from the other side of the world, even with a 19 hour time difference.

We spent the next few days living it up and learning from the best at Changing The Game.

Hearing the likes of Eric Thomas and Martin Rooney captivate a room full of fitness professionals was mind blowing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so engaged to a speaker in my life.

7th of March: We arrived back in Perth at about 11am and got straight to it.


Ain’t no time for dat.

We went and saw the real estate agent and organized to pick the key up the following Monday.

March 10: We got the key, time to get serious.

Through out the week I juggled bootcamp, clients and uni. It was a heap of fun being busy all the time, especially when you could see the changes inside the gym every time you walked in.

March 16: Just a month after my 20th birthday I was sitting in a gym that is going to open its doors the following day.

I thought to myself; yeah, this is pretty cool.

March 17: 5:30am the doors open, and the first session is under way.

We did it, we opened a gym in exactly a month, spending most of that month on the other side of the world, in none other than Las Vegas.

When you set yourself a stupid deadline it’s amazing what you can achieve, you should really try it some time.

Oh yeah, feel free to come visit us at 8/271 Selby Street Churchlands, I’d love to show you around.


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