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All I ask is that you HIIT me baby one more time.

Just like Brittany.

Now, I guess I’ve confused you to what exactly HIIT is.

But if you read on I can tell you how it can make you burn more fat, in less time, and ultimately make you look good naked.



HIIT is currently one of the fitness industries ‘buzz words’ along with detox, raw, natural and cleanse.

^^ don’t get me started on the above as they’re a big waste of time, energy and money.

But that’s a topic for another day.

However by the end of this blog you’re going to know

– What it is
– When to do it
– How it benefits you
– 6 workouts that you can do when you’re finished on the interwebz

Let’s get cracking.


This simply means going all out intensity for a short duration of time.

So as I alluded to earlier it has nothing to do with violence, or what happened to my home girl Brittany when she was a naughty girl.

The exercise part of this needs to be hard and needs to be fast.

In my experience, if you can do it any longer than 30-40 seconds with the equal amount of rest it can be either one of the two scenarios

1. Not pushing yourself hard enough during your work time

2. A world class athlete and are on the Olympic team for the 400m sprint

I’ve never encountered scenario two so chances are you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.

..and in fact, you’re just going through the motions and turning your so called HIIT session into a SHIIT session.

Pun intended.

In terms of the actual exercise there are many many different things you can do but fundamentally you want to go as hard as you can followed by enough rest to give the same effort again.

On that note, there are some exercises that are not as suitable for HIIT workouts.

Things like Olympic lifting where you need to concentrate on the movement bring more chance of injury than actual benefits so you’re better of doing something like a rope slam, or a pushup where the risk injury is so so so much lower than a more complex movement.

Now you’ve got the basics.

You’re ready for some of the benefits which in reality is why you’re still reading.

There’re three ways you can look at the benefits depending on how you hop, skip or roll.

The first is the actual time you’re training for.

As you will see in the videos below you can get a workout done in less than 15 minutes.




So for all of those who say you don’t have time, you’re a liar, as I’ve now given you 2 workouts you can do at home or at the gym. Don’t disappoint Batman or you might get a good smack too.

This short duration of time can be seen as a MAJOR benefit for some the more time-poor among us.

The second reason you should be exuberantly ecstatic about HIIT training is the process of EPOC.

This is the acronym for Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.

What this means is that your body will expend more calories after a bout of HIIT training compared to steady state cardio.

^^ awesome for the ones amongst us trying to look better naked ^^

So after you’re finished with your 15-minute sweat sesh’ you keep burning calories and body fat for a period after it.

The third one is its muscle sparing abilities.

You see with HIIT you’re going to spare your hard earned muscle a lot more than regular cardio.

This is great for the simple reason that…


Write that one down, pen pal.

The more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest.

Maintaining lean muscle should be your number one goal in any fat loss phase due to its metabolic benefits.

Now, I hope you can see that HIIT style training saves you time, burns more fat and keeps your lean muscle mass safe from the catabolic killers originating from the dark cardio zone.

With all these benefits you now needa’ know exactly what to do.

Which is why I’ve gotten all the superstar trainers at The Body Consultants to put together a HIIT video for you.

So watch the short video’s below to see some of the exact HIIT sessions we do to get ourselves and our clients into the best shape of their lives.

Here’re the exact workouts they did for your record

Gav: 10 Fit ball jackknives / 10 lying hamstring curls / 10 lying leg raises

Rob: 5 deadlifts / 3 push press / 2 pull ups | every minute on the mintute |

These workouts are going to do a couple amazing things for you.

  1. Burn a heap of fat, more specifically belly fat
  2. Build lean muscle mass which increases your metabolism.
  3. Save you time so you can spend it doing the things that you love.

Now you have 2 workouts you can do.

That take no more than 15 minutes.

Pretty good huh.

And that’s it for today.

Until next time,

Jack ‘throwing HIIT haymakers like Mayweather’ Zuvelek

PS – if you’re excited by this HIIT style of training then I have

some news for you.

This is EXACTLY what we do with our transformation group training.

If you want to learn a little bit more about that send us an email – admin@thebodyconsultants.com or call 08 6460 3461 to speak to one 

of us who can help you get started.

Alternatively, if you’ve made the decision and are ready to pull the trigger click the link below you can book in for a consult with one of the team

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