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The Secrets To A Successful Nap

Naps are great. Period.

I love to nap. There’s nothing better than a 20 minute power nap to get you going again.

This little piece is going to empower you on how to nap properly, because, when done right, are absolute game changers.

What is a nap?

A nap has a broad definition, but according to google to nap is to ‘sleep lightly or briefly, especially during the day.’

So, we’re going to use this definition for today’s discussion.

There are 4 different durations of naps that one can take.

The first is what I like to call a power nap. It’s 10-20 minutes of pure bliss.

These bad boys are ideal for a boost in energy and alertness. The good thing about the power nap is that it doesn’t put you into a deep sleep, this means that you can get up and go when you wake up.

The second duration of naps is the half hour of power.

This has similar benefits of the power nap, HOWEVER, one can incur sleep inertia.

This is a hang over like feeling that makes you feel somewhat sleepy for up to 30 minutes after waking.

The third in our foursome is the 60 minute siesta.

This hour of power is best for improvement in memory, especially for facts and names.

Again, one may experience sleep inertia after waking up, but, once this clears you will be good to go.

The fourth and final nap is a 90 minute marathon.

This is a full sleep cycle and has a heap of benefits.

 These being improved creativity, and emotional and procedural memory.

Best of all, a nap of this length usually avoids sleep inertia, making waking up that little bit easier!

In terms of the best place to nap, everywhere! BUT to avoid deep sleep your best bet is to sleep sitting in a slight upright position.

Happy napping


Jack ‘Nap King’ Zuvelek