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The Forgotten Front Squat – How To Do This Unsung Hero

The front squat is a hidden gem for many gym-goers.

It’s an exercise that usually get’s left out of most programs due to 1 or 2 reasons.

The first is the inability to do it correctly and safely with decent load.

This is sad because they’re such a great exercise with so many benefits, and for some can suit their biomechanics better than a regular back squat.

The second is due to mobility issues.

Getting into the correct front squat position requires you to be mobile through your lats, shoulders and wrists.

Some people pick the body building style front squat if they do not have the mobility, this is not a problem, however, you may find you’re not stable which will halt your potential to achieve front squat greatness

When done correctly the front squat has the capability to absolutely shred up your anterior chain – this being your core and your quads.

The reason it does this differently to a back squat is due to where the weight is loaded on your body.

I want you to be front squatting like a pro so I’ve put together this short little video to get you nice and mobile.

Front Squat Video:





Lat mobility:

Tricep release:

If mobility is an issue work through the drills.

Releasing the lat is going to help create that nice shelf with your shoulders so work through on the roller to release your lat.

Stretching the triceps is also going to help create the position that your arms need to be in to perform a better front squat.

The wrists will be the last thing that will gain mobility for most people so stretching them regularly will help your wrists cope with the increased loads.

In terms of programming your front squats I find that a lower rep range with heavier loads works better for most people due to the difficulty of the lift, in saying that there is definitely not a problem with some higher rep front squats in a program.

Give front squats a shot next time leg day rolls around and make sure you don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can help you out – @thebodyconsultants

James ‘Fancy Front Squat’ Buchanan

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