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Conquer the Fear of Judgment Part 2

Welcome back to part two of the fear mini series!

If you haven’t read the first part which introduces fear & covers overcoming the fear of the UNKNOWN, click here to brush up your knowledge & be up to par before continuing.

For those of you who are up to date let’s get into it, shall we?

In this second installment you will gain a better understanding of the next common fear people face when seeking a body transformation: The Fear of JUDGEMENT.

In my own personal experience & from what I have seen through training different clients, what we think people think of us doesn’t even come close to REALITY.

Freedom from the fear of what others think is possible!

After you finish reading this little spill I’ll let you be the judge .

Fear of Judgment

The fear of judgment is linked to the desire to be liked & approved by others at all times.

Now don’t you think this is impossible?

Trust me, it is a losing game that keeps you from fulfilling your potential. Although seeking approval from others is all well & good, there is a point where you may be compromising your own health & happiness in the process.

Let’s say the idea of something like training classes make you feel anything from slight butterflies to complete terror.

Thoughts creep in such as:

Will I look stupid?

Will everyone be ultra slim & fit?

Will the trainers be mean?

Will I be the least fit person there?

Will I not be able to do the exercises?

Will I do it wrong & hurt myself?

The truth is most of the people you see training at the gym are simply there to improve themselves. Whether that is to be healthier, look better, become fitter or stronger. They’re often too busy focusing on their own needs &/or worrying about what people are thinking about them!

Just like you, they are trying to be more active & eat right & pushing towards the same thing in their own different way.

Your time at the gym is about personal improvement, not a place to feel judged or a place for imagined competition.

You need to to work up the courage to move past your own vulnerability & uncertainly.

Those people you fear are judging you, they’re very likely not.

Honestly, they don’t have time, and let’s say they are watching & judging you….I can assure you they’re not thinking the awful things you imagined.
If anything, they envy what you have, or even the way you look so confident!

I want you to think the fear of what others think like being confined inside a cage. If you spend long enough being inside that cage, you can eventually forget what the outside might be like. But by taking purposeful action to overcome the fear of what others think of you, you can slowly regain your freedom out of ‘the cage’ . You can then be in a place where you can be the person you always knew you wanted to be . You start focusing on yourself & are only ever in competition with yourself.

The quest becomes being the ‘BEST’ version of ‘YOU’.

It is then you can fulfill your potential, one of the greatest feelings you could ever know!

If you are keen to get started with us at The Body Consultants for classes or PT sessions, contact me: dave@thebodyconsultants.com

Stay tuned for final segment of the fear mini series, which will be revealed tomorrow.

The last fear we examine is something we all experience at some point in our body transformation journey.

We will go into how it is necessary to rephrase the way you think of it.


Signing off,

Dave ‘No Judgement Here’ Buck