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How to overcome ‘I’ll start again Monday’ cycle


It’s Monday morning

The start of the new you.. Or so you think.

You know, the reboot (I will get to that in a moment)

You spring out of bed

Slip on your fresh new kicks and eagerly dress in your latest activewear

With Activewear on point and on a Shoooooe-gar high **pun intended

You race to the kitchen and make your Super Green Smoothie inspired by Instagram

Now you are ready to rock and roll!

Next stop the gym!

Time to burn off the weekend ‘Junk-a-thon’ and start again to get the dream body you always wanted!

It all starts good and well, but as the days tick by wednesday you start to remember all the events and parties you have that week

‘Now there’s no way I can stick to my plan!’ You foolishly think

You start to make excuses and slip up on your new found plan

Especially.. as you approach the weekend, where everything seems to be thrown out the window you surrender to poor food choices, skipp training, and suffering from the insurmountable peer pressure

Does this sound familiar?

Magic Monday Mindset I call it

It is where you encourage a limiting belief that you cannot self correct

So you tell yourself that’s okay and ‘I will start again Monday’

What you are really saying is

‘I cannot commit to change right now’
Boom! Truth bomb right there!

So the reality is that if you don’t make these changes those goals you set, the memberships at the gym you have, the clothes you want, are all going to be figments of your imagination because 5 days of ‘good’ eating can’t withstand the almighty wraiths of your weekend binge benders..

I’m speaking from experience here… with a soul baring confession to make…

I used to eat a whole oreo cheesecake every Sunday because I knew my diet started again on Monday.

So if you have more than 10kg to lose you cannot only be committed from Monday to Thursday!

It won’t, and doesn’t work that way.

You have to be willing to meet success on success terms

Not on your own terms, when it is convenient to do so!

So right now I want to teach you EXACTLY how to meet success on success terms.

Let’s get into…;

1. Set Smart Goals weekly

Example 1:

I will commit myself to train Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri classes at 5.30am.
I will do this by ensuring my gym bag is packed the night before, my alarm is set at 5:00am and I go to bed at 9:00pm to allow adequate rest for a killa workout!

If you want to join our transformation training we do have a couple of spots left – keep reading and I’ll give you my email address at the bottom of the email 😉

Example 2:

I will compile a shopping list and set aside time to meal prep twice this week for 1.5hrs on Tues and Fri afternoon at 5pm
I will make enough meals to 14 meal until my next prep.
2. Keep a log to record progress
This will help you become aware of your actions and highlight points where you are slipping up. You will also have hardcore evidence to differentiate between valid reasons and excuses!
3. Master small failures
Take ownership and get comfortable with the fact that you can slip up. Messing up once is not the end of the world. Just acknowledge it and get right back on track.

Like we always say at TBC it’s the consistent effort over time that gets the results like our client Clare which you can see below


If you want results like Clare simply email me at dave@thebodyconsultants.com and I can get you started on your very own transformation.

Thanks Timehop for a timely reminder of what I looked like 2 years ago! A bit of a love appreciation post for @thebodyconsultants for getting me in the best shape of my life. I became the “queen of selfies” or so my friends would say, after hating every photo ever taken of me and being scared to be in front of a camera. I would take selfies of my face in the best angle possible just so I felt ok about myself. My selfies are looking even better these days. After putting in the effort and consistency with training and good nutrition with the help of my insanely amazing personal trainer Rob I am getting closer and closer to my goal. The abs are almost showing and I’m hopeful that I can get even closer in another 6 weeks. Making myself accountable right here. It WILL happen! #abgoals #anotherselfiein6weeks #weightlosstransformation #thebodyconsultants #fitfam #fitspo #activewear #cottononbody #fatloss #perthfitness #perthfitfam #nutrition

A photo posted by Clare M (@thecatlady_clare) on

4. Review your progress

Perfect practice makes perfect!

Remember you will get the results you deserve!

It is like planting a tree

It takes patience, persistence and caring for a continued (not neglected) period of time.
There are 4 bulletproof ways that you can FINALLY over come the whole ‘I’ll start again on Monday’ mindset that plagues people for years on end.

If you’re ready to overcome that dreaded cycle please email me at dave@thebodyconsultants.com as I would love to help you get started on your transformation.

Signing off for another week.

Dave ‘Punching Monday In The Face’ Buck