Gordon Wright

My passion as a coach gives me the ability to push you to your limit, while giving you 110% of my focus and energy. I love helping people which makes what I do the best thing in the world. Being overweight in the past, I’ve been in you shoes, I know firsthand the obstacles and … Continue reading "Gordon Wright"

Dale Nelson

I started my career as a bit of a geek. My head was buried in the theory of exercise, to become a researcher that’s what it took. It wasn’t 18 months later that I actually attempted to exercise properly and once I started I just never stopped. The flow on benefits fitness has had in … Continue reading "Dale Nelson"


Gemma Ursino

My journey with The Body Consultants started with the opening of the awesome facility in O’Connor. Fitness and health has always been a high priority for me. Having a background in acrobatics and performing, I learnt the importance of strength and conditioning very early and it has been a major part in my training. Being … Continue reading "Gemma Ursino"


Steve Hill

My passion is health and fitness and my philosophy focuses on continual lifelong learning. I work towards enhancing the wellbeing of my clients by empowering them with the knowledge, skills, support, guidance and resources to assist and inspire them on their journey to a healthier life. The atmosphere here at TBC is incredible, the support … Continue reading "Steve Hill"

Brad Bedford

Throughout my time in the industry I have found there is no cookie cutter approach to getting someone their results, each and every person is different in some way and should be treated as such. I have been in the fitness industry for just over 10 years and worked with 100’s if not 1000’s of … Continue reading "Brad Bedford"


Gavin McEwen

I love seeing people benefit and get results from nailing the basics. Physical changes are great, but you need to be in a good head space and mindset to be able to achieve your desired goals and, depending on what they are, will to make sacrifices. I love seeing people grow, become happier, healthier, be … Continue reading "Gavin McEwen"

Ivan Gavranic

My journey started off like most.. Boy meets girl, girl breaks up with boy, boy becomes obsessed with getting as jacked as possible to make girl jealous because knowledge is important but biceps are more importanter. Now, for me it’s about the consistent improvement. A healthy mind and body are areas that must be worked … Continue reading "Ivan Gavranic"

Jacqui Chmura

I can come across like a harsh, tuff guy – but when you get to know me I am actually a big softie on the inside. Being active and playing sports has always be a big part of my life, thanks to my parents. When I moved to Australia I initially started teaching Group Fitness … Continue reading "Jacqui Chmura"

David Buck

I have always been fascinated with health, human movement and the power to transform body and mind Naturally leading me to pursue study in Health Science & Nutrition & furthermore becoming a Coach with The Body Consultants What I love about this role is that I get to use this knowledge, experience, and passion to … Continue reading "David Buck"


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