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Mindset Matters Most – The Difference Between Fixed And Growth

What’s up guys it’s Dave here from the body consultants and today I want to teach you the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset.

This is really important because if you get this wrong

  1. Lifting weights will seem impossible on most days
  2. You will treat meal prep like a chore
  3. Everybody around you will appear to be doing better with their training

Which ultimately means that you will go to the gym but never GET RESULTS and when push comes to shove, you’ll give up..


If you get this right

  1. Your training will feel easy
  2. You will love the foods that you eat
  3. You will feel empowered in everyday life

But the big benefit is that you develop a love for the lifestyle, which ultimately transforms to every other aspect of life.

To kick us off we’re going to start with a bit of a quiz. What I need you to do is answer these questions below:

Which of the following statements do you agree with?

Building up muscle/strength and losing fat is limited by my genetics
Some people are naturally gifted to excel in sports or achieve a sculpted physique, others are not
You can achieve a high level of fitness goals through enough practice, regardless of starting point
It is possible to change who you are and your circumstances

Got your answers?

Awesome. Let’s now get into it.
If you find yourself agreeing with the first two statements you my friend are coming from a fixed mindset.

If you agreed to the last two statements congratulations consider yourself as someone with a growth mindset.

So what exactly does this mean?

It is where your focus or fixation of thoughts exist.

Now let’s go back to fixed versus growth mindset

Fixed mindset – The belief that your personality, skills and traits are set.

You see criticism as a reflection of self and fear failure and often compare yourself to others.

You will find yourself trying to prove and live up to what you believe:

‘I just can’t lose weight’

‘I’ve tried everything, it doesn’t work’

‘It’s just my metabolism and who I am’

‘Training is just too hard I will never be as good as the rest of the class’


Growth mindset

– The belief that your most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. You see criticism as a learning opportunity and find inspiration from the success of others.

‘I can lose weight, I just need to try something different’

‘I have failed and given up many times but that will not stop me from finding a way’

‘Training with weights will not be an easy at first and will require my absolute effort but I can do it’

‘Wow look at that physique I would love to work towards that’

Do you see the difference?

One focus lies on the endpoint the other on the process and self-improvement rather than end point.

Where do you lie?

Perhaps you are a mix of the two. Certain dimensions of your life may reflect a different mindset. Think about where you are successful. This all comes down to choice and realising the only limits you have are set by yourself.


Here are 4 ways to cultivate a growth mindset :

1. Accept your reality – you are where you are as a residual outcome of the past. Take ownership of it! Stop justifying everything! Acknowledge and embrace imperfections it will help you overcome them.

2. Accept failure – take the opportunity that failure gives you. If you can embrace failure to change you will continue to grow and start down the path of success. This  creates resilience that is essential for accomplishment.

3. Focus on the now
Concern yourself with what you can do now to reach your goal. This could be your next perfectly balanced meal, your next super intense workout, meal prep anyone? Value the process over the end result!

4. Try one new thing everyday

This doesn’t have to be extravagant, unless of course you love to live on the wild side, then by all means go nuts! But regardless of how simple or over the top it is the important thing is that you give it a go. Start with simple things and grow on it such as:

  • Walk/Drive a new route to work/home
  • Eat your lunch outside
  • Write a blog like I have decided start doing

Or for those who are more daring …

  • Take up Yoga on Saturday mornings. Just like some of Team TBC Boys have done
  • You decide just make it a regular thing to give something a go

Signing off with growth.

Dave ‘Mind Growth Gains’ Buck

PS if you want some help cultivating your own growth mindset but don’t know how to get started shoot me an email on dave@thebodyconsultants.com and we can have a chat.