Masterchef Mondays – Broccoli Salad


Week 3 of Masterchef Monday

Today is one that will simply blow you away.

And, it’s a very easy, and don’t forget tasty way to get some broccoli into your meal plan.

Behold, my Broccoli Salad.

Watch the video below to see this master piece come to life.

As you saw from the video it’s super simple.

Cut up your bacon and put it in the pan with a bit of coconut oil.

Start cutting up your broccoli into super small pieces.

Put that into the bowl.

Add walnuts and mayo to taste.

Add your bacon on top.


Wollllllllah, you’re done.

This kind of salad is great as a meal by it’s self or as a side to another protein source such as chicken or beef.

See you next Monday for a SPICY episode of Master Chef Monday.

Jack ‘eat yo broccoli’ Zuvelek

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