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Five Simple Steps To Kickstart Your Morning Routine


Feel like there’s never enough time in the morning?

Not a ‘Morning Person’?

We all know that feeling.

Well, I used to….but then I quit the belief that I was not a ‘Morning Person’ and started developing a productive morning routine.

Since then I’ve discovered that establishing a daily morning routine is something a lot of people want, yet few actually do.

Especially when it comes to setting themselves up to have the body they truly want

By having a routine you will develop a habit of CONSISTENCY



Whether it be work, health or fitness related it’s the CONSISTENCY that leads to results!

So today I want to share with you FIVE STEPS to upgrade your morning routine that will lead you to having more consistent, productive and successful days

Gone are the days of waking up and saying to yourself:

‘I have so much on today, how on earth will I be able to do it all. It going to be a ‘shitty’ day I just know it.

Or ‘Not again…I’m running late’

We can now say hello to

Low stress and no hassle mornings
The feeling of motivation and energy
All time high levels of productivity

And most importantly an increase in your overall mood and wellbeing

Let us now deep dive into the FIVE STEPS to upgrade your morning routine

1. Write down all your tasks you do every morning

Example of what I do:

Wake up & drink 1L water ( I do this to kickstart my hydration for the day as we know dehydration often mistaken for hunger)
Do my business…enough said
Brush teeth & floss (got to ensure oral hygiene)
Shower (no one wants to be around someone smelly)
Get dressed (clothes laid out from night before)
Feed Juno (my cat)
Breakfast (my go to is scrambled eggs mushrooms, spinach & capsicum)
Wash dishes (even though I should only be lifting plates not washing them ?)
Organise meals for the day
Prep food for evening meal (take things out of the freezer, chop veg etc…)
Sort out bag(s) for the day
Review schedule for the day
Kiss my girlfriend and wish her a good day

2. Declutter your list

Now you want to ensure the tasks on your list help you for the day ahead not waste time or stress you out

Examine the essential components to get you ready

There will be things you can easily take off your list for the morning:

• Hitting the snooze button (seriously just get up)
• Checking Facebook & Email updates
• Playing on phone, video games
• TV

There will also be tasks you can do the night before:

• To-do-list for the day
• Sorting out clothes
• Packing bag
• Meals and snacks packed
• Breakfast items ready

3. Work out how long each task takes you

You can estimate but..the best thing you could do is time yourself for a few mornings

Even make a music playlist to track your timing..

You’ll know you’re running late if the fourth track is playing and you haven’t even got out of the shower!

Another trick is use a cold shower to get in/get out… Plus get a wake up call even better than coffee!

But remember the length of the routine isn’t of significance

What is significant is what you choose to do during that time

You don’t need to be running back and forth like a headless chook

So be efficient but also allow room for CONTINGENCY if the ‘unexpected happens’

In my case it sometimes being a grub with my food and spilling it on my clothes

4. Become the Backwards Man

You should have your tasks written down with approximate times


Wake up & hydrate (5 min)
Personal business (3-5 min)
Oral hygiene (3 min)
Shower (5 min)
Get dressed (5 min)
Feed Cat/dog (2 min)
Cook Breakfast (10 min)
Eat Breakfast & wash dishes (15 min)
Prep food for evening meal & Organise meals for the day (10 min)
Sort out bag & Review schedule for day (5 min)
Leave house

Now work BACKWARDS to know when to WAKE UP!

Want to leave the house at 6.30am
CONTINGENCY (10 mins) – this can be used for anything – aim therefore to be ready by 6.20
Sort out bag & review schedule for the day (5min) – 6.15
Prep food for evening meal & Organise meals for the day (10min) – 6.05
Eat breakfast & Wash dishes (15min) 5.50
Cook Breakfast (10min) – 5.40
Feed cat (2min) – 5.38
Get dressed (5min) – 5.33
Shower (5min) 5.28
Oral hygiene (3min) 5.25
Personal business (3-5min) 5.20
Wake up – 5.15am

NOTE If any time left over I would suggest a writing in a journal

I am grateful… (3 things)
What would make today great? (3 things)
I am… (2 things)

This is a great way to put you in a positive mood to WIN your day!

5. Pin up routine

Place it somewhere you can see every morning preferably when you wake up
Eg: bedroom mirror, behind wardrobe door, bedroom door…next to your fitness goal cards

Just make it obvious!

And there you have it…….

FIVE STEPs you can adopt to update your morning routine!

I would love to know what your morning routine is and we can work together to optimise it. If you’re ready to put your time and energy into making changes for a better body please email me at dave@thebodyconsultants.com as I would love to help you get started on your transformation.

Signing off

Dave ‘Waking up on the right side of the bed’ Buck