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Why You Should Keep A Food Log (Part Two) – Troubleshooting

Welcome to Part Two of “Why You Should Keep a Food Log”, where you will learn why & how to make real changes with food tracking.

(If you missed part one, read it here.)

It’s time to take Response-Ability! (notice what I did there).

As tracking anything that you do ,be it your food, training, water intake, sleep, bodyweight measurements etc. will allow you to review it & make modifications as need be.

As what gets measured gets managed & changed accordingly,helping you to continue making improvements.

Make yourself conscious of what you eat by keeping a food log. It makes changing your eating habits a whole lot easier.

Remember it isn’t about good versus bad. It is about identifying behaviours that either: take you away from your goals or displace more productive behaviours that ultimately bring you closer to your goals.

Let’s dive into the first reason why a food log will shoot you to your goals.

1. Develop Realistic Behaviours

Let’s say for example’s sake: You decide to lose weight by the following measures:

  • Eat nothing after 6pm
  • Only eat food with less than 5 grams of sugar
  • Eat no more than 400 calories per meal

Great! You have set some specific goals.

One problem though (wait, what?)…..

These type of behaviour goals may also increase your risk of failure!

(Get ready to embrace the fail memes)

Here are some questions that arise to mind:

  • What if your crew wants to throw a celebration party after 6pm? (I am sure you just had one)
  • What if the menu option has 10g of sugar?
  • What if you desire a meal with more than 400 calories once in a while? (Pizza anyone?)
  • What if you have a tinder date night? (Do you just swipe left & skip the night?)
  • Do you think you will become fed up following these unrealistic rules? (Easy with the nodding)

I can tell you now: More than 90% of people would fail harder at his than telling a ‘Yo mamma’ joke to an orphan. 

For the strong willed 10% ,well done keep on knuckling down & get it done!

Just realise you are the few who are willing to make these sacrifices (and all the power to you).

For the majority, let’s use the food tracking to solve these problems:


Instead of: Actions
Avoiding all foods less than 5 grams of sugar Set daily or weekly targets of sugar intake


Not eating options on the menu Plan earlier to eat less sugar in other meals during the day/week
Only eating meals less than 400 calories Eat less at other meals throughout the day & save your calories for a larger meal
Avoiding Tinder Dates Plan your day/night ahead using the above ^


By tracking food intake DAILY & reviewing the end of each week, you will have near complete control over your food choices & eating schedule.

The above table is just a handful of tips.Come up with some of your own & feel free to share with me. Sharing is caring 🙂

2. Be able to deal with common troubleshoot areas

Different problems concerning nutrition require different approaches to solve them:


If you: Actions
Have trouble with proportions Weigh & Measure everything you eat!
Want to identify habitual eating patterns
Want to focus on a nutritious diet Record nutritional components (Proteins, Fats, Protein, Fibre, Water)
Have emotional eating patterns Keep track of moods with relation to your eating patterns (How you felt before & after eating)

This will put you in the best position to achieve following through with your diet, which trumps over pretty much anything.It will allow you to consistently evaluate your actions and gets you to ask this one very simple question:

‘Are my current dietary actions leading me where I’d like to go?’

If not, then you can begin shifting your focus towards positive actions, because what you eat in private is what you eventually wear in public.

3. Handing the splurge

“I just ate a whole pizza & a small pint of Ben & Jerry’s S##t, all well I can restart Monday”

Stop right there!

Now I seen this mindset over & over again.

If you were to track your food intake, you can put a situation like this into perspective.

You ate close to 1500 calories roughly. That could slow your progress by say…. three days?

Now why on earth would you ditch your diet over that?

If you are truly determined to make up for your pizza & ice cream splurge, you eat ~100 calories less per day for the next two weeks.

The power of tracking can allow you to see exactly how your choices will affect your goals & how to make adjustments for life.

The tracking let’s you put the term MODERATION into objective numbers.

The food splurge may not be a moderate treat.

However, if you were to track this over time, you could see what percentage roughly this splurge really makes up your diet.

See how easy this all is! Just a little bit of effort can go a long way and all you had to do is simply record what you eat & drink. You already have to stop to eat. Why not take that little extra time to take note of what is you eat? From there you can dig deeper if you truly want to.

You will thank yourself later, trust me.


If you would like to discuss more & are ready for a life changing body transformation, contact me: dave@thebodyconsultants.com 

I would be more than happy to organise a consult to discuss further options.

I want you to become apart of The Body Consultants Family! #teamtbc

Signing off,

Dave ‘Problem Solver’ Buck