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At TBC we are focused on providing nutritional solutions for deep health. This consists of body composition, good mental health and also mindset around nutrition.

We believe in a nutrient dense diet based on whole foods is one of the best ways to obtain deep health. We teach clients how to add small daily actions/tasks into their life to make this a sustainable and long lasting change for the better.

At TBC we understand that your body composition and goals will determine what you need to eat. TBC has a number of tools we use to monitor, track and ensure that you’re hitting your nutritional goals with the main tool being our coaches.

Roadmap To Success

Hybrid Training

Hybrid training is our unique methodology from working with the best trainers all over Australia and the USA, training for us needs to be something that fundamentally improves your life. We combine a base/foundation of movement, meaning you need to be able to move well and stabilise your body throughout training, most people come in with faulty movement patterns and so by adding load to a poor movement it encourages compensation or injury.

The next area is improving your strength, without a foundation of strength your body will never change, load is the single most important factor when it comes to stimulating the body to change. Lastly on top of this we incorporate conditioning and hypertrophy work, this stimulates fat-loss and your ability to recover and do repeat efforts. 

In Order to make a serious change to your body you and I both know it’s going to take some time. This is why we’ve put together our performance standards so you can see long term what it is you’re working towards. You see unlike most group fitness classes where there is no measurable progress, the only thing we care about is improving your performance month to month, by doing this you ensure long term transformation and a body that can perform in all aspects of life, allowing you to go and do the things you want to do outside of the gym, play with your kids, go for a hike, have a hit of tennis, whatever it is you’ll be well equipped to tackle it.

The reason this works so well is two fold, when all you are focused on is the numbers on the scales or body fat, it can be a long and arduous journey, but when you’re focused on what your body is capable of achieving then every week you get to test you capabilities and see measurable improvement. Secondly to truly change the way you look for the long term you need to increase your performance, that is lifting more weight for more reps while keeping quality movement, nothing else is going to radically enhance the way you look other than following this formula.

Hybrid Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, it’s generally quite a simple formula, consuming less energy than you expend. Now truly this is nothing revolutionary, however most people take this far to literally or are put into programs where quick results  are the name of the game, and while most certainly doing a circuit class 5+ X per week and eating 1,200 calories is generally going to see some rapid weight loss, it’s a very crazy long term strategy to keep up considering your body is literally tearing itself down in order to lose weight.

What we like to do is first establish a baseline of metabolic health, you see if your health is out of whack it’s going to make it increasingly harder to get a positive fatness result in both the short and long term. Many people come to us who have been yo-yo dieting for years, losing the same 5-10kg’s time and time again, but what you will know from experience or from seeing it happen to your friends is the weight comes off slower than it gets put back on, this is because each time you try to drop calories too low for too long, or include excessive training sessions your body compensates by lowering your metabolic rate, meaning day to day you burn less energy, therefore in order to lose weight and keep it off we actually need to increase food intake and be smart with our training volume in order to successfully manage metabolism and keep the weight off for good.

Now all this is well and good, but what if you don’t know what a calorie is, or understand any of the above, well fear not, we have a 5 phase system designed to take people from needing Nutrition for Dummies, to a master of their food, literally able to eat what they like and control their body weight with ease. Upon meeting with your coach you’ll be placed into the appropriate level from 1-5 depending on your history of nutrition and dieting, and we will either enter into a rebuild phase of a fat loss phase depending on your current health markers.

Levels 1-3 Are designed to install healthy habits, and start to understand macronutrients and portion control.

Levels 4-5 Are our introduction to Flexible dieting and allow for greater freedom and more ownership on your behalf to create your own diet through your own preferences.

Hybrid Mindset

When it comes to making a change in your life, your mindset is a key component of this. Unfortunately unlike training and nutrition you cannot track your mindset it’s intangible, what we can do however is start to change the key components that make up your mindset, being the stories you tell yourself, your beliefs, ideas, self image and identity. These things are constantly in flux, unfortunately most people are keeping themselves suppressed in a downward spiral comparing themselves to others and the things they don’t have and are not good enough about themselves, us too we’re all guilty of it, but by focusing on your own journey and step by step, habit by habit, thought pattern by thought pattern starting to adopt a new mindset towards health and fitness your life will never be the same, It’s our goal to have you look back on yourself one year from now and go what the fuck has happened to me.

Hybrid Recovery

The 4th piece of the puzzle is your lifestyle, what’s incorporated in this is your sleep, relationships, support, recovery and general well being. You see we don’t actually progress from training, we make our progress in recovery so that we can come back next time and improve performance. Second to this if your life revolves around the gym and eating a restrictive diet, then that’s not much of a life now is it as such a key component of our training methodology is to get you out and about enjoying life on your own terms by participating in activities and social events outside of the gym, weather it be a simple coastal walk or being able to eat out for dinner without feeling guilty this is what we want to get you towards, training and nutrition should enhance your life not detract from it.