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How Turning The Treadmill Off Will Give You A Better Workout

Those poor cardio bunnies.

We see it day in and day out, they come in the gym and spend the entire time walking or running on a machine that gets them no where.

This is great for the guys stalking these poor victims, but not so beneficial for those putting in what they think are the hard yards.

In most cases their progress has traveled as far as the treadmill they’re running on, no where.

Time Wasted.

That’s not to say that they don’t train hard, or put in the work, or even diet right, and truthfully it’s not their fault, it’s what society has conditioned them to believe.

Want to lose weight? Go for a run.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple, and secondly, there are far better ways of burning fat than running on the treadmill.

While running can be an effective fat loss tool, the way it is performed by most is simply the wrong way to go about it.

Spending too much time training for time or distance may actually lead to a decrease in metabolism, and plateaus in your weight loss efforts.

For a workout that will actually get you fired up and blasting fat try the below!

Firstly, turn on your treadmill, and set it to the highest incline possible

Once it has reached it’s peak jump off and unplug it. This will lock it into position.

From here jump back on, bend your arms and lock yourself against the handrail.

Now start driving your legs as hard as you can, this will mimic the effects of pushing a heavy object along as you will now generate the force needed to drive the belt.

Depending on your experience and level of fitness try one of the following:

Beginner: 4 Sets  – 20s on 40s off

Intermediate: 6 Sets 20s on 20s off

Advanced: 6 Sets 30s On, 30s of crunches.

In action it looks a little something like this.

What you saw above was just over 20 seconds and let me tell you I was gasping for air!

Next time you’re in the gym give just 5 minutes of the above a go and see how you feel

I guarantee you that it will do 10 times more for your fat loss efforts than 30minutes of a steady jog or brisk walk.



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