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How to make a Commitment with Four Approaches

Imagine it’s 4.30 in the morning…….

You’re all comfortable in bed, rugged up in your blankets .

All you can hear is the rustling wind outside.

Your senses tells you it’s going to be a cold day.

But you remind yourself you have made a promise….

A promise to COMMIT to training early mornings (as it is the only time you have free), and you are willing to make that small SACRIFICE of not sleeping in, to bring you closer to your goal of achieving the body you always wanted.

BECAUSE you really WANT it!

With that playing on your determined mind,you summon the courage & strength to rise up & get yourself prepped for the gym.

For every ACTION that is like this, whether it be waking up earlier than usual for something greater or stopping yourself from going back for seconds with dessert will be tied to the story & life you are building.

So today I want to discuss about two things that will always go hand in hand:COMMITMENT & SACRIFICE.

It is is extremely important concept  to understand as it is what turns your goals into REALITY.

First I want to explain what COMMITMENT & SACRIFICE really is, then I will go into what it takes through four approaches.

Let’s start with understanding COMMITMENT & how it manifests itself into your life.

It is a concept many individuals claim to have, yet…….it is something that rarely endures.

Something that is much easier to talk about than to actually achieve.

That means pushing yourself when no one else is around, staying loyal to what you said you were going to do,long after the mood you said it in has left you….


However, staying COMMITTED is simple….

Although, it is not always easy.

Any goal, especially fitness/health related, requires COMMITMENT nbecause physiological changes take time.


However, many things will be competing for your attention & time.

Whether it be work, hobbies, relationships etc, they all will continually fight for your focus, meaning your commitment towards a goal will be challenged on a daily basis.


Which brings me to the second piece of the COMMITMENT puzzle that most people forget:SACRIFICE.

Yes, SACRIFICES  will be required……..but there doesn’t have to be a negative association tied to it.

So I want to change your impression of what exactly sacrifice is

Think of it as……giving up something that MATTERS of a lower nature, for something that MATTERS MORE of a higher nature.

To put this into perspective, imagine playing a game of chess.

When you play a game of chess certain pieces will be sacrificed in order to win the game

Or gain an advantage over your opponent

If you are an avid chess player you will understand this concept well

The same applies to making commitments to yourself

So if you don’t sacrifice for what you want…..

What you want will be your sacrifice…….

Think about it…….

You’re  going to making sacrifices on a daily basis

Either deliberately or by default

So why not make the right sacrifices & get closer to what you truly want

This generally means you have to give up something & often take a chance

And…. Leave your comfort zone

However, if you are working towards something  greater….

You will find being out of of your comfort zone will show you


What you are capable of

Help grow & expand your mindset,

Set a path for you

And ultimately……

Create a life worth living where you come out on top!

How does that sound?

I know I have your interested


But are you committed to keep reading?


Yes. Awesome


No. Come back when you are ready


If you are still reading let me ask you now

What are you truly committed to?

What are you willing to sacrifice?

If you know your answers & want to know the right approach keep on reading…..

1. Take a Chance

What are you waiting for?

Don’t be that person unwilling or unable to make decisions & choices

Don’t get stuck being that person who says “What if?”

Say YES to the right opportunities

Say NO to the wrong ones using your willingness to sacrifice certain immediate comforts

Don’t sacrifice what you really want long term for what you want RIGHT NOW

Here are some questions I invite you to ask yourself

Are you willing to give up some comforts in exchange for what you really want?

Can you sacrifice it temporarily to get yourself in a better place?

Is a comfort holding your back?

If you answered yes to any of these questions

It’s time to get comfortable becoming uncomfortable

That means putting short term gratification on hold

And…. sacrificing certain COMFORTS in order for you to grow & succeed

So what will you be sacrificing this week?

Perhaps it’s setting that alarm early to get yourself up & hit the gym

Which means to give up sleeping in

Or maybe it’s cutting back on some foods you love to make room for better choices

Just think they are not going to stop making your foods you love in the next few months…

Turn that glowing rectangle (tv) off a little earlier & get to bed

You may sleep better knowing that you sacrificed for something more important

Friday & Saturday nights will always be there….

Sunday brunch dates can wait til a gym session is completed

And sometimes…. Making sacrifices also means….

Letting go out unhealthy relationships

These are the relationships with people who no longer align with your newfound choices

They can be the group of friends who make fun of your healthy lifestyle,

The family member who don’t approve your new ways

Even the partner who tells you to stop worrying about your health

Don’t get me wrong

I am not telling you to completely remove yourself from these people

Just stand up for yourself & if they really care they will support you

If not try hanging out more with forward thinking people

These people will support & celebrate your new found path

Take a chance for something better

But that also means letting something go as well

Whatever the sacrifice is

IDENTITY it & make sure you are WILLING to make it

2. Set Realistic Expectations & Be Accountable for yourself

Each day you & I will face many crossroads

Putting our COMMITMENT to the test

You will have options & how you choose to respond

Will test & define your commitment

However, sometimes with strict expectations you set yourself

You may slip up

However, cut yourself some slack

You will mistakes at times

You will have self doubts along the way

Consider the scenario when you feel tired or irritable

Or when something in life unexpected pops up

You could fall sick,

Or be out at dinner & fall for peer pressure to eat more than you planned to

And when you don’t comply with your expectations

You can feel like a failure

Sometimes thinking to yourself ‘why bother continuing?’

And why it may be easier to encourage your friends when they slip up

It is much harder to allow yourself the same leniency

But by setting realistic expectations

Such as “I am going to train 4 mornings a week at the gym for the next 4 weeks”

Or “I am going to reserve wine for just Friday night”

They are far less likely to turn into a negative spiral

You cannot be perfect (which I will go into with my next point)

Think about the first time you trained legs….

I bet you started thinking ‘This is going to be tough & challenging’

Yet when you started your new food plan your expectations was to be 100% compliant?

So it’s also time to hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE if you want progress

As commitment can also be a perishable thing that needs constant renewing

It usually expires or simply disappears if left unchecked

Try using what I call the Weekly Daily Smart Goal System

At the beginning of each week write down your top 3-5 goals for the next seven days

Before going to bed each night write down 2-4 things you accomplished that day

And…..Tell others

Even if that means reactions hat are less than supportive

It’s time to get those ambitions out into the open

3. Strive for Excellence over Perfection

Remember it’s not about perfection

It’s about EFFORT through Practicing Excellence

And when you bring that effort every single day

That’s where transformation happens

That’s how positive changes occur


Stay focused on the progress you are making and you’ll likely make more

Make the needed sacrifices & focus on moving forward

The perfectionist mindest is what you want to avoid

Focusing on EXCELLENCE is the mindset of achievement & the responsibility that comes along with it

This means asking yourself questions when presented with options

Examples include:

Do I go for a big bowl of ice cream  knowing it is not part of my plan or do I eat something more sensible?

Do I stay out late with friends or do I set a curfew so that I get adequate sleep for bootcamp in the morning?

Do I watch another episode on Netflix or do I do some mobility & stretching homework

Do I give up the stairs after a heavy leg day? (You know what I mean :p)

Remember you are only competing with yourself

And you should only try to be better than YOUR yesterday

When debating with that inner voice that tells you for immediate comfort

Ask yourself: “Is this going to benefit me in the long run?”


4. Make room for FUN!

This last point is incredibly important

For obvious reasons if you don’t enjoy the journey

You most likely won’t make it to to the finish line

Do exercises you enjoy doing

Tell your trainer what you love doing


You will work harder, attend more frequently & improve at a faster rate

Make room to kick back & enjoy social occasions with nutrition

This could mean setting aside 2-3 free meals a week depending at where you are at & what is feasible

And going back to the end of point one

Surround yourself with forward & positive thinking people

Who you surround yourself with is who you become

If you managed to get through all this well done!

I can see you are COMMITTED

If you are ready for that step to take your commitment level up a notch

Contact me: dave@thebodyconsultants.com

Or sign up for our Academy program by clicking here .

Looking forward to your commitment!

Signing off,

Dave “Progressing Forward” Buck