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How To Add Tension With 1 and 1/2’s

Ah yes.

The old 1 & ½’s.

If you’ve ever trained with me you will know that I throw these in at the worst of times, just when you’ve had enough.

I do it with you in mind, I promise.

These are a tool that can be used to increase the time under tension for a given exercise.

They can be used strategically to overload certain points on the strength curve to provide increased metabolic stress, with very minimal risk.

This makes them a great tool for when both fat loss and muscle gain is the goal.

Like any tool in the toolbox, they should be used as a part of an intelligently planned program..

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One of my favorite movements to do it with is the hamstring curl.

It allows you to overload the strength curve and work the portion of the movement where chances are you’re a little weaker.

The 1 & ½’s can be used as the first movement in the workout to pump a lot of blood into the muscles or alternatively can be used towards the end as a finisher to finish any strength you have left.

The set up on the hamstring curl is as normal however the way you execute the rep is a little different as shown in the video.

Another awesome movement that you can use with the 1 & ½ method is the side raise.

You’re going to work the half movement from the top, so, come all the way up, come back half way, back to the top then come all the way down, that’s 1 rep.

The reason we do them out of the top is that you’re weaker, where as from the bottom you’re going to be stronger so the overload isn’t going to be there.

When it comes to 1 & ½’s they shouldn’t be used for everything.

With a squat you wouldn’t do the 1 & ½ out of the top as you’re going to be a lot stronger so that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

These do work really well out of the bottom of the squat as it makes you a lot stronger out of the bottom which is where most people get stuck.

Put these into your workouts and see how you go.

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Jack ‘1.5 times the fun’ Zuvelek

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