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Good things happen to those who wait……..

BUT….. Better things happen to those who are willing to get up & GET SHIT DONE!

HOW you actually get shit done & the way you SHOULD go about it

Is what I am going to discuss with you today

I am going to explain the difference between MOTIVATION versus DISCIPLINE

HOW to bridge the GAP

AND most importantly HOW to APPLY DISCIPLINE when it comes adopting a HEALTHIER & FIT LIFESTYLE

So that YOU CAN be on the right track to CONSISTENT RESULTS & ultimately, SUCCESS

Okay so let’s start off by getting to the core of it

There is really only TWO ways in which YOU & I go about doing anything

1. Seek Motivation – POPULAR method…Yet generally short-lived & needs constant refreshing

2. Cultivate DISCIPLINE – UNPOPULAR method…Yet RELIABLE for long term outcomes

As you can see, DISCIPLINE clearly trumps MOTIVATION

You will NEVER always be Motivated

Think about the last time you were inspired to change

Such as when you last watched a motivational clip on Youtube

Or when you saw a movie that motivated you to go to the gym the next day

Perhaps it was just a motivational clip your friend tagged you in when you were feeling down


Some muscle pumping, action packed movie like WOLVERINE (where Hugh Jackman absolutely JACKED & Shredded)

And after seeing that movie your were motivated to hit the gym & get back into shape

BUT…. How long did this source of motivation last?

If it wasn’t backed up through good planning & correct action

I can safely assume it was only a temporary thing

Which is WHY YOU have to LEARN to be DISCIPLINED

But first, let’s understand Motivation a bit more

In a Nutshell, MOTIVATION acts as a driving force to do something

This is when you FEEL Excitement, Positive Expectations & Energy

But be aware that this tank of motivation is finite

And often promises you things then leaves you when you need it most

Like when most people attempt a diet through eliminating food groups & following strict guidelines

Based on the premise they will get the body of someone who did it that way *a sure way to #fail

Motivation operates under the false notion that YOU should only be doing things

If you FEEL like it

That means a particular Mental or Emotional state is necessary to complete a task

This will run you into surmountable obstacles

Try drumming up the enthusiasm to wash all your Tupperware (from meals I prepped & I eat a lot)

Or wash & fold away all your gym clothes after a long day of work

If I simply relied on Motivation to get me through the day

I wouldn’t get things done

Yet If I didn’t do these things I wouldn’t be able to continue living a Healthy & Fit Lifestyle

This is where DISCIPLINE kicks in…..

It cuts the link between Feelings & Actions

And SEPARATES outward functioning from moods to address tasks head on & by consistently improving them

Helping you develop HABITS

And once you have HABITS (Something that is intentional & repeated)

It soon becomes automatic & requires less thought & effort

So you can be in cruise-mode

Try our 28 DAY CHALLENGE through clicking here.

To develop some good habits for setting yourself up for a Healthier & Fit Lifestyle

Be quick though, spaces fill up quick!

DISCIPLINE is just like a muscle

In that it only gets stronger the more you FLEX it!

It focuses on WHAT to do

To be the best version of yourself

It also helps you control Emotions, Impulses & Behaviour

Builds Self-Confidence

And Ultimately, helps you make the RIGHT decision & take the necessary Actions

To get you where you WANT

So let’s get into



If you want to create Discipline this should be your first primary step

Without addressing this step you will continue to fall victim to situations

And NEVER build enough momentum to develop concrete Discipline

Excuses such as:

“I’ll start when the time is right”

“I don’t want to overdo it”

“Well it’s too late now to make healthy changes”

“I am not getting support from other so I wont start”

ALL need to be tossed away

AND replaced with MOTIVATION to CHANGE AND….. IF you have been reading carefully

Replaced with GOOD PLANNING that are Solution Orientated


The hardest part is often starting

Especially when a task seems difficult or complex

Which is what most people think building muscle & losing fat is

Yet, just like a Rocket uses most of it energy in the lift off

Once it gets going & generates some momentum

Things only get EASIER

A great quote by Zig Zigler I like goes:

‘You don’t have to be Great to Start, But you do have to start to be Great’  

This couldn’t be further from the truth

If you to make the change for a better & healthier lifestyle

Just take the first step

By starting small (like eating a well balanced breakfast, reducing take-aways etc)

AND then build upon these (learning MACROS in food, Prepping food etc)


**All things that we teach during our 28 day challenge – which you can sign up for by clicking here

In my case it was starting Blogs

It was a scary endeavour at first

But once I got started the SNOWBALL got going

This is now my fourteenth blog!

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day :p


When motivation kicks in time is ticking

You only have a limited opportunity to take real advantage of it

By that I mean developing systems in place that ensures CONSISTENT Discipline

Systems that build Good Habits & Practices

If you don’t build Structured Systems in place

You’re likely going to lose a lot of productive time

And have to rely on motivation all the time which comes & goes

If you develop good systems in place

You can make good practices CONSISTENTLY while gathering momentum  

And can re-invest for a positive feedback loop (Win: Win)

To put this into perspective

Let’s say you want to ‘Eat Better’

A good system would ensure CONSISTENT PRACTICES

Such as (But not limited to):

Having a regular breakfast
Prepping healthy meals for the Week ahead
Learning a new recipe once a week
Developing a Shopping list
Planning grocery shopping trips

If you want to start working out:

Scheduling your workouts for given days (eg; Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 5:30pm)
Packing gym bag the night before
Committing to a trainer


This should be a BIG one to follow

Sometimes it is difficult to stay focused on what you intend to do

Accountability will take care of that

Without Accountability


Use Daily reminders & Checklists to ensure you stay Accountable

Or simply come to us @ The Body Consultants to help you

So what you need is more DISCIPLINE

Stop waiting for Motivation to give you permission to change

Become less reliant on motivation for action


If you would like more help

Please email me


Signing off

Dave ‘Getting it Done” Buck