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Four Tips to Dine Out & Still Look Good Naked

Planning on dining out tonight?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, brilliant!

Why you may ask?

Because today I want to share with you Healthy ‘Dining out’ tips

That you can start using immediately

AND…. Will help keep you on your quest to ‘LOOKING GOOD NAKED’



Do I have your attention?


I know you want to hear more

But first….

In order for you to successfully use these tips in a more mindful manner

We need to raise your ‘AWARENESS’ of what happens when you ‘Dine out’

Especially when surrounded by friends

AWARENESS  is the ‘First step to creating any change’

So please identify which statement ‘when dining out’ most applies to you:

a) You choose Healthy choices that are similar to your daily habits
b) Eat what everyone else is having
c) Treat yourself to whatever you want
d) Dissect the menu from top to bottom, annoy everyone & order something with 21 substitutes
e) Have no self control and end up in a Food Coma *cough* Porkies

Did at least one statement seem familiar?

Or perhaps it’s a little of all of the above?

You can still have a fun night out and be conscious about what you consume

As a BIG part of HEALTHY LIVING is to be able to make SMART CHOICES


1. Pre-plan what you will be ordering


So, in the 21st century and such you’re actually able to access most restaurants menus online.


This is great because it actually allows you to do 2 things.


  1. Get excited about the meal you’re about to share with friends and family
  2. Allow you to make any adjustments for your overall consumption for the day.


So now, any stress or anxiety about eating out and whether or not the place actually has food you like is gone, and more importantly you can make an informed decision on something that is going to taste amazing and help you reach your goals.


Win – win if you ask me!

  1. Consider Best options

    Let’s assume you are

    1. Trying to lose fat
    2. Eating a relatively high protein diet (minimum 2g per kg of bodyweight)

    Focus on lean protein options:

    Grilled chicken (should be skinless)
    Grilled Fish
    Lean cuts of Pork & Beef (eye of round, Sirloin Tip, top round, bottom round, top sirloin)
    Most Game meats
    Fresh seafood


    Fill up on Non-starchy vegetables such as a greens or carrots. This is a perfect place to substitute chips for something with a little more crunch


Be sure to watch out for things like:

Dressing/toppings – order your meal with these on the side (this also has the added benefit of the restaurant not drowning your food in sauce)
Oil/butter – ask the waiter that your food be prepared without the extra
Sauces – be mindful

Other little tips include

Skip the entrée and just order the main
Drink plenty of water

3. Different Cuisine Suggestions


There are plenty of different options available which I’ve gone out and helped you with below.

Have a scroll through this and see what you would prefer the most


Modern European / Australian

Grilled chicken / steak / fish
Steamed veggies / salad no dressing


Grilled steak / fish / chicken / seafood
Grilled / steamed veggies
Best to avoid the pastas and pizza


Sashimi / beef tataki
Grilled beef / pork / chicken
Avoid saucy dishes and tempura


Steamed fish
Grilled meats / fish
Avoid saucy dishes & fried foods


Any grilled meats
Avoid salads as the dressings contain lots of sugar


Grilled meats and veggies
Avoid dishes smothered in cheese & tortilla chips


Tandoor chicken or other foods cooked in a Tandoor oven
Avoid creamy sauces, fried food & naan bread


Out of the above, which was your favourite?
See! You can still eat out and enjoy the foods you love.

4. Plan your day ahead

Keep protein high and carbs/fats low during the day

This tip also applies to drinking alcohol, which is another topic in itself!

Check out the video blog below to find out more about alcohol and fat loss


I want you to think about what you might eat that night out and save some carbs and fats for your meal

Doing so will be the SMART way of keeping the birthday suit in check ✅

And there you have it!

Four practical tips you can start applying to yourself so you can enjoy a night out and still be in control!

If you’re ready to start your quest to ‘look good naked’ please email me at dave@thebodyconsultants.com as I would love to help you get started on your transformation.

Signing off

Dave ‘Dine like a King’ Buck