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Four Step Call to Action Guide

Lights, Camera, Action!……

Now imagine a movie without action

It wouldn’t be a movie right?

It might be a brilliant idea with a grand vision

With a script, a stellar cast, state of the art production team plus costume, special effects & support team, fancy film equipment & world renowned director lined up

But without action it’s nothing more than just an idea, a dream you could say

And dreams don’t work unless you do

You may have worked hard to set goals for this year based on your dreams

But if you are still not taking any action on them

They are not goals

They are still simply dreams that are escaping you everyday

Until action is taken it will remain in dreamland

And those dreams could possibly end up in the graveyard

The richest place on the planet

Yes you read that right

It is the place where you can find all the hopes & dreams that were never fulfilled

Unless of course, if there is a zombie apocalypse

You may just get another chance later on

But before you decide to become a brain eating, dream chasing zombie

I want to CALL YOU TO ACTION right now

And get you to think about all those things you promised yourself to do this year?

Be it take up more exercise, prepare healthy meals, ….heck even if it’s to make the bed everyday

Now be honest with yourself

How many of those promises have your honoured?

One? Two? Zero?

Chances are, towards the start of February you would have abandoned a lot of them

Maybe only sticking to one

And gone back to your familiar ways with everything else

If that isn’t you, keep on being a goal kicking ninja & use this article to upgrade yourself (when you come back as a zombie you can be the zombie leader)

If you are someone who fell off the radar (most of you put your hand up)

Then this article is for you

Here you will learn firsthand through four simple steps

The power of taking immediate action & walking the path to success (Not walking dead)

As there is a big difference between knowing the path & walking it!

In fact you will need to ‘Walk the Path’ before you truly know it

Even if you start with some imperfect actions

It is still better than perfect inaction

Remember a film will make a lot of takes before it becomes the final product that you see & come to love & enjoy

So you hit the lights

I’ll go set the camera

Then we can get down to action!

1. Focus on the NOW

Most people will fail to take action due to three things:

FEAR, PROCRASTINATION, sheer LAZINESS or a combination

But I want to help you put an end to that

Remember this if anything

There is one thing you cannot get back


Time is a nonrenewable resource

Once today is over it’s GONE

Stop putting things off for tomorrow or entering the viscous cycle ‘I’ll start again Monday’

If you truly want something you will act on it now & do what what you can, regardless of circumstances

Start by focusing on small consistent actions everyday!

It will make the world of difference

Let me explain using a sailboat as an example

Say you are sailing in one direction (your current life now)

Only you decide to make a change for the better

So you alter the sails just a few degrees to the left each day (small actions)

Eventually, over time, you would end up somewhere completely different

Hopefully in the direction you wanted (And if not somewhere even better)

So I am asking you to make small consistent actions that support positive changes

That will eventually take you to a better place in your life

Start with you long term goal then chunk it up into monthly, weekly & most importantly… DAILY actions

It is the daily actionable items you want to focus on the most & build upon them

It is this process that you will come up with actual steps to reach that goal!


Goal is to lose 5kg & reduce body fat % below 20% over a three month period & take up weight training as means to do to it as well as eat more sensibly

Monthly tasks

  • Review month gone by (Training, Nutrition, Sleep, Energy, Stress levels)
  • Check Body measurements & ensure 1.5-2kg weight loss or 2-4% body fat loss
  • Make adjustments as necessary
  • Weekly tasks
  • Train Five times a week Mon-Thurs at 6am & attend Saturday bootcamp 7.30am
  • Walk around Lake Monger (or whatever track you choose) 1-2 times 6/7 days a week
  • Meal prep on a Sunday for 2hrs ensuring each meal has a fistful of protein & veggies
  • Learn a new recipe each week
  • Daily tasks (where the magic happens the more the better)
  • Drink 3L water a day (600ml upon waking, 4 x 600ml water throughout day)
  • Eat high protein breakfast everyday
  • Eat 3-4 planned meals/snack for day (ensuring fistful of protein & veggies every meal)
  • Eat mindfully & record food intake, if still hungry wait another 20minutes (often hunger will go away
  • Replacing cravings with a cup of tea, healthy pre planned snacks or going for a walk, stretching, talking to colleagues etc
  • Reduce 1hr of screen time (tv, computer, Ipad, phone etc)
  • Ensure 7-8hrs sleep a night (develop a sleep routine, set reminders))

The list is endless….

See if you can add in more of your own

I know you can

Each time you do a new action that brings you closer to your goal

Jot it down & add to your actionable items list

2. Gain the Long Term Perspective

Gaining a long term perspective

Is a sure sign you believe you can do it & you are within reach of it

You will gain an understanding that changes will take some time

Plus you will also experience the compounding effect of small actions (yep just like compounding financially)

Except here you will compound on DISCIPLINE, ENERGY, CONFIDENCE, & SUCCESS

Let me explain in a simple manner

If you find yourself building DISCIPLINE in training five times a week

Pretty soon you’re going to find yourself disciplined in eating healthier

Because you are have been training & eating healthier more consistently

You’ll find more ENERGY to do more & move faster towards your goals

You’ll gain CONFIDENCE when you look back on what you can do

Giving you the courage to try new challenging things & grow as an individual

Taking your life to the next level

Do you now see the power of taking action NOW?

Now repeat to yourself

“I am a person of ACTION”

3. Focus on How instead of What If

Instead of letting your mind get lost in ‘What Ifs’

Focus on the HOW

Focus on HOW you can do something in any situation

HOW you can solve something

By shifting your focus on the HOW

You will create a positive attitude within & put your mind to better use

Such as focusing on taking action

Rather than focusing on negative & uncertain possibilities

Example – How will I fit training in with work & the kids?

Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timely goals (being honest with what you really want & can do)

Be specific about the frequency (how many times), intensity, time & type of exercise you will be doing

Be specific about what days/times of the week you will be training (eg 5.30pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Have a plan B & C for exercise if you cannot make it – Do a mini circuit at home

If you miss a session don’t beat yourself up, find another time to make up for it

Put your training dates/times in your phone or planner to remain consistent

4. Review your process often

Making the time to regularly review your process is vital for success

Why you may ask?

It gives you the opportunity to reflect on achievements, key learnings & ways to improve for next time

Through this process you may discover your should change your goals

Or even set new goals to keep the momentum going

From there you can decide what you can scale up or change

To enable you to keep moving forward towards living the best version of yourself

Ask yourself these questions:

Did I select goals that I feel resonant with?

What do I need to do now to achieve this goal?

What repetitive actions or activities are required?

What specific habits and/or rituals could I develop to support these actions?

When will I partake in these activities? How? When exactly? How often?

That enough talk from me

Less talk & more action I say

Time for you to ‘Walk the Walk’ & to learn more from that

If you would like to discuss more on making actionable changes

And think you are ready to start a body transformation process

Shoot me an email at – dave@thebodyconsultants.com

I would love to get you in action!

Signing off

Dave ‘Action man’ Buck