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Foot Foundation, A Missing Key To Building A Better Body.

Feet are an interesting thing.

For some, they are the bane of their existence. I know many girls that hate their feet, and feet in general.

Shout out to all of you females that find yourself in heels regularly, sadly, even though they look great you’re putting yourself at greater risk of ankle injury. The reason for this is that the angle your foot sits on for extended periods of time actually shortens your calf muscles, and in turn makes them tight and immobile.

When it comes to exercising, the feet and further more the ankles play a really important role in both range of motion and energy prevention.

The funny thing is that you don’t really hear people talking about their feet or ankles until they’ve injured them.. When this happens, it is already too late.

If we lack ankle and foot mobility other areas of the body will compensate due to the lack of movement. In some exercises, such as squats, we put an overload of pressure onto our knees that can eventually result in injury.

When you think about it, our feet are like a foundation for a house. You wouldn’t build your 2 story mansion on a weak foundation, so don’t try build a physique on weak feet.

Can you now see how important the ankles are!

So, now the question is how do we go about gaining back that mobility, and rebuilding our foundations.

The video below shows you three easy ways to improve ankle mobility.



As I explained in the clip you need a hard ball and a wall, something I’m sure you have access to.

If you’ve had history of bad ankles try to do this at least once a day and you will notice an improvement very, very quickly.

Stay tuned for Friday when we go over the most basic of squats with a video to match.