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Food For Thought Thursdays – Goal Setting


How many times have you set goals?

It could have been job, health or wealth related.

Let’s take your fitness goals

You wanted to drop 5kgs

Maybe you got 2kgs down, then something happened.

You didn’t stick to your plan and physicked yourself out.

Before you knew it, that goal was put back into the closet for when the time is right.

Watch the video below to find out how to set your goals.


Like I said in the video, setting goals requires you to break your big goal down into little chunks that you can easily handle

Nutrition, training and mindset are the biggest ones that I see people get wrong.

They’re not the worst though.

The worst is this…

Failing to start.

Like the old wives tale says ‘if nothing changes, then nothing changes’

And starting is always the hardest part.

If you’re struggling to start with your making a change on your body then enter your details for a complimentary coaching clarity call.

We can go through everything you need set up your goals and get you on an action plan on how to achieve them.

Enter your details below and I will be in touch.