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Food For Thought Thursday – Three Most Butchered Exercises

If you’ve spent any time in a commercial gym you would have seen some pretty horrific stuff.

Back in my com gym days it was funky exercises on bosu balls and turning the cardio equipment into full body stations.

However, in the aim of making you a better gym goer we’ve put together three standard exercises that we see getting butchered pretty regularly.

To learn what they are, and more importantly, how to fix them then watch the video below.

So as you learned from the video the three exercises are

– Seated row

– Shoulder press

– Kettle bell swing.

The digressions of these three I’ve seen in my time are truly astounding.

The worst thing is that all three are pretty high risk when done by the wrong set of hands.

Furthermore, the perpetrators of these movements don’t even know they’re doing it wrong, or putting themselves at risk of injury. They’re just doing what they think they saw in a magazine.

It’s not ideal, but for most they’re not willing to make changes due to ego or some other reason.

But the ones that are really reap the benefits.

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Jack ‘it’s the little things that count’ Zuvelek

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