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Five Ways To Build Bulletproof Consistency



You’ve heard this one before?

Maybe it was even me who told you?

Well I’m here to say it again, except this time elaborate on it more & then reveal to you FIVE WAYS on how to be consistent ALL THE TIME!

Because without consistency you will not be fully equipped to walk down the path of Body Transformation Success!

It is the most powerful tool you can use & pretty trumps over everything when it comes to getting RESULTS

If you want to make progress & improve your fitness & health you MUST be consistent

So to kick us off for this topic I need you to first have a better understanding of what consistency is

In a nutshell it basically means following through with a plan….

Sounds simple? Yes. Common sense? I think so

Yet I find many people (including myself at times) fail to realise that this can only occur with repeatedly goal-orientated-action – the keys to consistency

Each action requires Commitment, Persistence & Effort for the magic to work

Now try to think of a time where you have accomplished something great with INCONSISTENT Actions & Efforts?

Can you think of any? Let me know when you do

The same goes when trying to achieve a ‘Great Body’

Imagine you set yourself up for a goal of losing 10kg over a 6 month period (a common goal for a lot of people)

In this scenario let’s say you are INCONSISTENT with your plan;

You only meal plan SOMETIMES, track food when you FEEL LIKE IT, eat better food choices ON OCCASION or only workout WHEN TIME ALLOWS

What do you think your results would be like?

Not too crash hot I bet (in fact I have seen it)

But…what do you think would happen if you stuck to the plan & expressed CONSISTENT Actions on a daily basis?

You would slowly build new habits & start seeing the results of your hard work

YAY! That’s more like it

All through applying your time & effort CONSISTENTLY RIGHT!

Which anything worth doing is worth doing right

So now that you have a better understanding let’s look at FIVE WAYS to help you become more effectively consistent

How to become more Consistent?

1. Establish your starting baseline

These are the questions I want you to be able to answer to form that base point;

Where am I now?
What are my goals?
What is holding me back?
What is my current level of fitness?
What’s my current weight & body fat percentage?
What does my nutrition look like on a day-day basis?

Could you answer them? Great. Now write them down & keep them as reference

Not sure how to answer them?

Lucky for you….At The Body Consultants we are more than willing to help explore these questions with you.

To book a consultation with me to go through these with personally shoot me an email dave@thebodyconsultants.com

2. Have a Concrete Game Plan

You must have a plan to be successful in the body transformation game

You wouldn’t approach your job with a “just wing it” mentality, and if you do.. I just wanna know how that’s working out for you 😉

So the same goes for your nutrition & training plan

The BEST plan will always be one that you can stay CONSISTENT with

You should have an idea of what it is going to take to get those results

It should form the backbone of a CONSISTENT plan which

1.) Allows for Measurement
2.) Creates Accountability
3.) Provides Stability, Regularity & Dependability
4.) You can tweak & change as circumstances change

This can be best achieved through setting SMART GOALS that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely

After you SMART goals have been written you can easily be segment it into monthly, weekly & daily tasks

Examples of task could include:

• Setting aside time each week to create a meal plan and grocery list
• Making meal prep a part of a regular routine eg: 2hrs on a Sunday afternoon
• Establishing workout schedule each month that works for you
• Tracking food, water & sleep daily

If you are not really sure how to set SMART GOALS to get you from point A to point B don’t hesitate to book email me to book a consult.


If you missed it the first time.

3. Have a back-up plan

Life is always going to throw challenges at you

So it is vital that your plan can be flexible to adapt to these challenges

My best advice is recognise the obstacles coming your way (extra hours at work, family visiting, kids out of school for holidays etc.)

By planning ahead you can ensure long term consistency

Remember life rarely calms down….

So don’t be that person waiting for it to happen as you may end up waiting a long time

4. Hold yourself accountable

Review your goals everyday

Ask yourself “Did I do the necessary steps needed to move me closer to my goals today?”

If your answer is ‘Yes’ terrific you are being consistent

If you answer is ‘No’ think about what you are going to do to get right back on track

Holding yourself accountable allows you to make clearly quantified adjustments as you go along – helping you STAY motivated & finding the sweet spot where things work

It also keeps you COMPLIANT

In order to achieve a true body transformation you MUST be at least 90% compliant

At The Body Consultants we like our member to follow the 90% rule

Let me put this into perspective…

If in one month your plan includes;

4 weeks x 4 workouts = 16 workouts

28 days x 5 planned meals = 140 meals

Therefore, in order to hold yourself accountable for the month you must:

Give it your all in 14 workouts minimum & follow a minimum 126 pre-planned meals

Leaving you with 2 workouts to spare if need be & 14 free meals to fall back on

5. Practice makes progress

If Consistency is King….then MOMENTUM IS HIS QUEEN

The key to long term consistency is building momentum (from practice)

And this requires knowing how to start again immediately when you mess up

No need to beat yourself up about it just consider it practice

The more you practice the better you will get at it. I promise

And there you have it..

FIVE STEPs you can adopt to become more consistent for results!

I would love to help you improve your level of consistency. If you’re ready to put your time and energy into making changes please email me at dave@thebodyconsultants.com as I would love to help you get started on your transformation.

Signing off

Dave ‘Built with Consistency’ Buck