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Fatloss Fridays – Greens For Fatloss

Every since we were young we were always told to eat our greens.

I remember my mum telling me that they’re super important.

As a young boy I didn’t believe her, and, in actual fact used to detest them.


I educated myself on all of their benefits.

I want to share these benefits with you in the video

Click the video below and have a watch.


So from the video you now know that greens are super important for both fatloss and overall health.

They’ve got a high fibre content which is going to help keep you regular.

They’re going to help with the detoxification and alkalinity within your body.

Also, they contain a heap of nutrients that will help with all of your bodily functions.

All in all, greens are awesome for fatloss and health, try to get them in with every major meal.

If you can’t try a greens powder.

Stay green!

James ‘all the greens’ Buchanan