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Eggcelent Eggs

“Only eat egg whites”

“eggs are bad for cholesterol”

“eggs will make you fat”

All of these three common fallacies are ever so frequent in the fitness industry

Today I intend on showing you how eggs are an eggecellent choice for those aiming to improve body composition and health.

Eggs. Are. Awesome.

They are packed full of hunger crushing protein and contain fats that help improve hormonal function.

They also have an extensive list of micronutrients. Inside an egg you can find vitamins A, D, E, B1,B2, B6 and B12. These vitamins are essential to our skin, energy and metabolism.

In terms of minerals, eggs also contain iron that creates red blood cells, calcium that strengthens our bones, and iodine that regulates our thyroid hormones.

Anyone that tells you that eggs are bad is probably a bad egg. (see what I did there)

When shopping for these hard-shelled delights you will be faces with three choices. These are cage eggs, free range eggs and organic free range eggs.

Cage eggs are from chickens that are kept in cages, they are usually pumped full of hormones and are more likely to carry illness due to the chickens living on top of each other in such poor, congested conditions.

I think it goes without saying that cage eggs are clearly not a good option.

Free range eggs are from chickens that are allowed to roam freely on a farm.

These eggs are a good choice for those on a budget as they are less likely to carry disease. However the problem with these eggs is that we don’t know what the chickens were fed. They may have been pumped full of hormones and fed a rubbish diet of corn and grains.

Furthermore, have you ever asked yourself what actually constitutes a free range egg?

You wanna’ know the answer?

A mere 1 hour exposure to the outdoors gives them the title of free range.

They are an okay option, but you reading this blog means you want more, you want the best.

Behold, free range organic eggs.

These eggs are from chickens that were allowed to roam freely and not given any of those nasty chemicals like the other two. They enjoyed a natural diet and didn’t experience the stress of being in a cage.

If you want eggs that are rich in all vitamins and minerals, hormone free and optimal for you and your body choose organic free range eggs. The difference between these and cage eggs in taste and texture is truly astounding.

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Jack ‘Egg Head’ Zuvelek