The Body Consultants EAST PERTH

Head Trainer

Marilyn Tuna

I have 10 years of Coaching experience, olympic lifting, power lifting, kettle bell sport and hard style, and mobility and yoga for weightlifting.

I’ve been coaching novice and state athletes within powerlifting and kettlebell sports for the last 2 years. Taking athletes to the Arnold’s Sports Festival and PTC state power lifting meets.

I also work with clients that have injuries, imbalance and special needs.

I am extremely passionate about the 1% in from that can make all the difference, teaching people how to weight lift is not only to make them physically stronger but also to create a stronger mind and more confident whole person. Weightlifting has no discrimination the bar or bell does not care how old you are, what your weight is or where you are from, because given the right tools and knowledge any one can lift.

Marilyn closely with the team at The Body Genius Institute to make the crossover from chiro or physio to the gym floor as easy and pain free as possible. Marilyn also is an Australian Athlete that has competed and won state powerlifting meets and now is in the elite division for the WKSF/IKSFA World  Kettle Bells sport Australian Team. Holding both world and national records.


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