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Deadlift Like A Roman

Yes this piece is about the Romanian Deadlift, not actual Romans, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s move on.

Todays blog is a quick video piece on the Romanian Deadlift, a great deadlift variation and one used to strengthen the often neglected hamstrings. Most people are highly quad dominant, leading to hamstring tears, knee issues, and quite frankly under developed legs. Everyone could use a little more junk in the trunk.

The hamstrings have two functions, they bend the knee, think heel to ass, and the extend the hip, think bend and snap.

Most people tend to train their hamstring using only knee flexion through a variety of leg curls, while this can be effective we are missing a vital function of what the hamstrings can do by relying solely on this.

The Romanian Deadlift will not only strengthen the hamstrings, it will also work the entire back, the forearms and glutes.

It could be placed later into a workout in order to really stretch the hamstrings out once they are pumped up from prior exercises. You can really feel the difference compared to doing them fresh.


Watch the video below to learn more about the technique.


Key Pointers

1: Keep the spine neutral, don’t allow yourself to roll forwards or over arch.

2: Keep the bar tight to the body, engage the lats and push the bar into your thighs, this will keep it over the centre of gravity, minimising the load on the spine. If you generally feel it in your back, try this it might be the answer to your problems.

3: Only go as low as you need to to feel a stretch in the hamstrings, any further and all you are doing is placing further load through your lower back, the hamstrings are not actually engaging anymore by going lower.

Try these out in your next workout using the cues provided ad see how you find them.

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