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Conquer the Fear of Failure Part 3

Great to see you back my fearless friend!

This is will be the third & final installment of the fear mini-series.

If you haven’t read the first two blogs quickly brush up on them on the links below.
I hope so far you have managed to pick up some useful information.

And now only fear one thing: Fear itself.

So far I have covered two common fears

Fear of the UNKNOWN (click here to read)
Fear of JUDGMENT (click here to read)

Now to peel back another common fear that many fall victim to:

Fear of Failure

At some point in your body transformation journey , whether you are a few months in, several years down the track or even just started…..

You are going to FAIL.

Yep. It’s inevitable & unavoidable.

Because if you’re not failing then I’d suggest that you aim higher.

If you are doing it right……your journey should be laced with risks, laughs, celebrations & some degree of failure. 

There may be some exercises you cannot do (yet!).

There will be times you slip up & will be disappointed in your efforts (both inside & outside the gym).

But rather than feel bad when it happens or worse continue to fear failure & limit yourself, I want you to re-adjust your view & see that there is really no such thing as failure…Only FEEDBACK (a constant step towards success).

This allows you to take charge & work towards along the path of improvement rather than an end fixed result.

When you do this, you will amazed with how much room for success you create. Rather than considering things a failure, you start to view them as an important result. You’ll then do something with that result. Learn from that result & then evolve accordingly. 

An example of this learning includes changing some variables: diet structure & adherence, gym frequency, progression schemes etc.

You’ll then begin to prioritise progress over results, with long term goals as motivation & short term goals as your primary focus. Wanting to drop 10kg & two dress sizes is a long term result. Working daily to improve eating habits, building strength & endurance with training is short term progression.

By redirecting your focus on progression, you’ll see there is no failure when you are always building towards success.

Your workouts will be making you stronger; your diet will be making you healthier.

You will recognise that you’re sleeping better, your mood will improve.

You will be looking pretty darn good!

And if you remain consistent with the program, you’ll look even better.

So next time if fear of failure springs to mind, I want you to Face Everything And Rise. 

If you would like to face this fear (plus the previous two) with the guidance of The Body Consultants, shoot me an email here:  dave@thebodyconsultants.com to organise a consult.

Signing off

Dave ‘Fearless’ Buck