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When you’re looking to sign up to a new gym, it’s best to put a few to the test. Compare membership prices and gym facilities, but also the range of fitness classes and personal training options available. There are many important factors to consider that affect you and your personal lifestyle. What do you want to get out of joining the gym? We’ve grouped together some questions below to get you started on your gym search: 1. How to Find the Right Gym or Trainer What’s right for you is unique to your

Are you up for some of the best exercises for overall muscle development that you can possibly do in the gym? Put deadlift strength exercises to the test with The Body Consultants. Deadlift We’re all about safety here at The Body Consultants, learn how to get yourself into the correct position to minimise your risk of injury: Approach the bar, standing right in the middle with the bar directly over your shoe laces Drive your hips back towards the wall Grab the bar just outside of your shins Pull back your shoulders

How To Improve Your Leg Press  A lot of people complain of lower back pain when it comes to the leg press. Avoid straining yourself by learning from The Body Consultants the correct technique to prevent injury. By allowing the weight to drop too far towards you, your hips will twist upwards off the seat. All of the weight will get distributed and compressed upon your lower back - that’s a surefire way to get hurt! Keep your backside firmly planted on that seat, pull yourself in tight and bring the

Cable machine exercises are an easy way to build strength in the arms. There are also easy mistakes to be made when you are incorrectly positioned. Avoid injury and improve your cable machine workout routine as we take you through three popular exercises.    Bicep Curls     Improve your bicep curls on the cable machine to receive the maximum benefit from your exercise and lower your risk of injury. Mistakes are commonly made when you approach cable machine exercises with the incorrect position. Before you go ahead and injure yourself, correct your stance to

Today you are going to find out why it’s important to step out of your comfort zone. You are also going to learn how you can expand yours through two straightforward approaches for body transformation success Why? Because in order to inspire positive changes in your body Like building a strong, fit, healthy, lean & resilient body. You need to embrace change & get comfortable with being uncomfortable If you are confined within the walls of your comfort zone while working towards a health & fitness goal There's a very good chance you will NOT be

Today I am going to share with you a neat idea that will help you expend MORE calories on a daily basis. It can be the difference between sustainable fat loss & no shift in weight at all. Although the hierarchy of fat loss starts with diet (controlling calorie/energy intake), I want to touch on an important component that makes up calorie expenditure. And no, it's not training related -- burning calories doesn't just happen through scheduled training sessions, although imperative for raising metabolism, preserving muscle & torching serious amounts of fat. The component

When I mention training abs, what comes to mind? Like majority of people, you are probably thinking  'Crunches' & 'Sit-ups' because these are best exercises for a tight mid-section right? Wrong! These are probably the least effective abdominal exercises. Why is that so? Well for a start, they barely touch the surface of your abdominals. Secondly, they neglect the deeper muscles -- the ones responsible for helping you obtain a flat, self supporting mid section. Plus, doing endless crunches makes you look like,  well

Let’s face it:   During your journey on the quest for a stronger, fitter & healthier body, sooner or later…..   You are going to eventually hit a sticking point.   This feared phenomenon is known as a PLATEAU.   It happens when your progress declines or stagnates, such as you going from losing weight consistently to being stuck at certain number.   Or you go from adding weight to the bar every week & getting stronger, to a point that you no longer add anymore weight and get stuck which sucks, because turning into a ball of a fury

If there is ONE exercise that needs no introduction   It’s the BENCH PRESS   Long been hailed as the KING for Upper body Strength development It is arguably one of the BEST all round Upper Body exercises   Not only do you work your Pectorals (Chest)…..   You also work your Anterior Deltoids (Front of Shoulders)   Triceps Brachii (Back of upper arms)   Latissimus Dorsi (Wing-like muscles on back)   Trapezius & Rhomboids (Upper & Mid Back muscles), Forearms….   And Pretty much every muscle in your upper body (the list goes on)   But……the BENCH PRESS doesn’t just use the upper body   While it does place