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Today you are going to find out why it’s important to step out of your comfort zone. You are also going to learn how you can expand yours through two straightforward approaches for body transformation success Why? Because in order to inspire positive changes in your body Like building a strong, fit, healthy, lean & resilient body. You need to embrace change & get comfortable with being uncomfortable If you are confined within the walls of your comfort zone while working towards a health & fitness goal There's a very good chance you will NOT be

Great to see you back my fearless friend! This is will be the third & final installment of the fear mini-series. If you haven’t read the first two blogs quickly brush up on them on the links below. I hope so far you have managed to pick up some useful information. And now only fear one thing: Fear itself. So far I have covered two common fears Fear of the UNKNOWN (click here to read) Fear of JUDGMENT (click here to read) Now to peel back another common fear that many fall victim to: Fear of Failure At

Welcome back to part two of the fear mini series! If you haven't read the first part which introduces fear & covers overcoming the fear of the UNKNOWN, click here to brush up your knowledge & be up to par before continuing. For those of you who are up to date let's get into it, shall we? In this second installment you will gain a better understanding of the next common fear people face when seeking a body transformation: The Fear of JUDGEMENT. In my own personal experience & from what I have seen through

Fear. What is it? Well,for one thing it is nature's way of protecting us from pain & danger. It serves as a sort of alarm system as a means of self-preservation.From an evolutionary point of perspective we are born with only two fears: Fear of falling Fear of loud noises Now think of OTHER fears you currently have. If you were not born with these fears you have today, where did they come from?

Today I am going to share with you a neat idea that will help you expend MORE calories on a daily basis. It can be the difference between sustainable fat loss & no shift in weight at all. Although the hierarchy of fat loss starts with diet (controlling calorie/energy intake), I want to touch on an important component that makes up calorie expenditure. And no, it's not training related -- burning calories doesn't just happen through scheduled training sessions, although imperative for raising metabolism, preserving muscle & torching serious amounts of fat. The component

Welcome to Part Two of "Why You Should Keep a Food Log", where you will learn why & how to make real changes with food tracking. (If you missed part one, read it here.) It's time to take Response-Ability! (notice what I did there). As tracking anything that you do ,be it your food, training, water intake, sleep, bodyweight measurements etc. will allow you to review it & make modifications as need be. As what gets measured gets managed & changed accordingly,helping you to continue making improvements. Make yourself conscious of what you eat

Let’s face it:   During your journey on the quest for a stronger, fitter & healthier body, sooner or later…..   You are going to eventually hit a sticking point.   This feared phenomenon is known as a PLATEAU.   It happens when your progress declines or stagnates, such as you going from losing weight consistently to being stuck at certain number.   Or you go from adding weight to the bar every week & getting stronger, to a point that you no longer add anymore weight and get stuck which sucks, because turning into a ball of a fury