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Building A Booty

Building some killer curves is not only head turning, but through the hundreds of consults I’ve done it seems the elusive tone/shape that girls are after is one of their greatest frustrations. Dropping weight is not enough, building a little bit of muscle (in the right places) is what’s going to give you the curves you desire.

Unfortunately most are going about this the wrong way, employing running, swimming, yoga, pilates, circuit training and bootcamps. While all great in their own respects they are not going to give you the results you’re after when it comes to building those curves you crave.

That’s why todays blog is all about designing a program to actually get you results in this department. We’re going to break it down into two parts. Firstly Mobility/Activation, to ensure you’re getting the right muscles firing. Secondly we’ll tackle the movements and the program.

Step One: Before we lift any weights, first thing we want to do is get you adequately warmed up. What this means is we’re going to have blood flowing into the right areas and muscles firing on command. You see the problem with trying to develop a solid set of glutes is that they are often sleepy or switched off. This is due to the massive amount of sitting we do on a day to day basis, travelling to and from work in peak hour along with most of us being stuck at a desk for the majority of the day. In turn this shortens the length of your hip flexors (think the front of your hips just below your hip bone). These perform the opposing function of your glutes, that is they flex the hip while your gluten extend it.

Why are short hip flexors a problem? Well let’s do a little field test, take your arm straight out in from of you, flex your tricep to lock out your elbow, the back of your arm should be hard and contracted meanwhile the front (your bicep) should be softish. When performing one function (flexion) your body struggle to perform the opposing function. Enter problem two, your body struggle to distinguish between an active muscle and a tight muscle. That is if your hip flexors are excessively tight your body will perceive they are active and as such will struggle to recruit your glutes that perform the opposing function.

So let’s get that worked out before we get into the fun stuff.

Step One: Mobilise, what you’re going to do is take your foot onto a bench and place it behind you, pushing your knee back as far as you can. Now that your in position you’ll need to push your hips forward and try to squeeze your ass. Chance are this will hurt like hell or you may not even be able to contract, if this is the case you have some homework, you’ll need to do this for 1 minute per side per day until you can actively squeeze your glute for one minute pain free. Don’t over force this stretch, just go as deep into it as you can. See the video below for a more in depth explanation.

Step 2: Activate, What you’ll need to do after your stretch is jump down on your back, and place your feet flat on the ground making a 90 degree angle with your knees. From here drive your hips up, pushing your heels into the ground and squeeze your glutes as hard as you can. Each rep you’ll need to hold for 1-2 seconds and just squeeze. What you’re going to do here is jump into 50 reps, taking as long as you need to get these done. If you’re struggling to feel your bum working this is going to be added to your daily home work.

Part 2: The Workout.

What I’e done here is build a simple 2 day booty focused workout for you to attempt, you’ll need a gym membership for this, sorry but home workouts simply aren’t going to cut it for muscle building purposes. You’ll follow the below workout for 6 weeks performing each workout once each per week. Your goal is to add weight, or reps each time you attempt the workout. It’s also included as a pdf download you can print out to take to the gym with you.

Let’s get you up to speed with the lingo.

Exercise: This is the movement you’ll be performing. Each exercise should be controlled on the way down, and lifted forcefully.

Reps: The amount of times you’ll do a given exercise.

Sets: The amount of total work sets you’ll need to do. Example 3 sets of 10 reps Lunge. You would lunge 10 times on each leg, that would constitute one set after rest you would repeat the effort.

Rest: The amount of time taken between each set.

Day 1.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 6.30.37 PM

Day 2.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 6.30.53 PM

Program PDF Download


You see the problem with glute training, or any real trying to be honest is that there is normally one of three fundamental pieces missing; sufficient load, sufficient volume or sufficient range of motion/technique. If we are missing one of the key pieces it will be harder than it needs to to grow muscle. If the range/technique is missing, we may not be targeting the correct muscle groups or we may get injured. If the load is missing, that is lots of sets with light weights, it’s not going to give us any stimulus to grow. And lastly if there is adequate load but there are not enough sets performed, it is not going to give enough trauma to create growth.


Booty Growth.001


The program and warmups above are designed to give you the best of all three elements, sufficient sets, enough weight and pre warm ups to increase the range of motion and activation of the glutes.