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Bad Ass Glute Bridges For Booty Gains

There is no denying that both boys and girls appreciate a good bum

Like, when was the last time someone wrote a song about a small one?

From a guys perspective, there is nothing more disappointing than glancing at a rear view that resembles a pancake.

And for all the ladies that disagree, there has been countless times where female clients of various ages have told me “James, guys have to have a butt, they just have to”

For all of you in the quest of growing a head turning booty, I can happily inform you that it doesn’t take as much effort as one would suspect. You simply need to develop your gluteus muscles like I do in the video below.


This movement is my exercise of choice for beginners.

You may argue with this and the squat, but unlike the squat, it doesn’t require any coordination or suffer from mobility issues.

Glute bridges are super simple as you saw in the video.

Start with your body weight then after you can do 15 pretty comfortably work your way up to a bar.

Once you get to the bar you can manipulate a whole range of things.

Sets, reps, tempo, rest – it’s practically endless.

In terms of weight with these bad boys, we’ve had girls in our gym hit triple figures quite comfortably.

Two times your body weight is a pretty good achievement.

You would think that 2x your weight is a lot of weight, and therefore going on that old wives tale that ‘weights make women huge’ you would also expect to gain a physique that resembles a testosterone ridden Russian powerlifting champion.

I can’t stress to girls enough that this is simply not the case!

You need to be using moderate weights to get any sort of muscle breakdown at all. Muscle breakdown will lead to muscle growth, which in good time will mean you have a bigger and better booty.

Muscle breakdown will lead to muscle growth, which in good time will mean you have a bigger and better booty.

I’m sorry to burst any sort of booty building bubble but 100’s of bodyweight glute bridges will not do the job.

If you want to take your booty building to the next level click here to book your free consultation with one of our coaches.

From the consultation if it’s a good fit we  will put together an individualised program just for you to make sure that you’re achieving your goals.

So, click here to book your free consult and let’s get this show on the road.

James ‘booty consultant’ Buchanan.