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The Best Diet For Fatloss?

8This is a question that gets asked so so so often

On email, or in person it’s probably been the most common question I’ve ever been asked.

And today, my goal for the blog is to give you and indefinite answer that you can either:

A – go and apply for yourself


B – come see one of our team and get them to put it together with you.

Either option, I’m cool with, so let’s get into.

When it comes to building the best fat loss diet I’ve got a couple of key criteria that need to be met.

We are now going to explore this criteria and see how things stack up.

  1. Can you stick to it for the long term.

If you’ve read any of my other work you will know that I’m a huge believer of consistency.

Consistency is king.

If I was ever going to get a tattoo that would be it because it applies to every aspect of life.

The reason that you’re in the position you are right now with your work, health, family and anything else is that you’ve consistently done the habits that have led to that outcome.

So when building ‘the best diet’ it’s gotta be something that you can stick to.

It makes me laugh, then cry all of those people cutting out dairy, gluten, carbs, fats,  fruit, processed foods, red meat and pretty much every food group available on their diet.

Yes, this will lead to SHORT TERM fat loss, however, I can bet the house on the fact that you cannot stick to it for the LONG TERM and therefore it fails criteria 1 of the best diet plan.

That’s number 1 onto the second thing.

  1. It measures energy intake.

The old tale goes something along the lines of

‘If it doesn’t get measured, it doesn’t get managed’

And this is completely true. If you want to have an ultimate diet then it’s got to measure something.

So if you don’t measure something, you’re simply guessing and you will get random results.

Can you lose fat by not measuring something – definitely.

However for the best fat loss diet, we don’t want to leave anything to chance which is why it’s apart of the criteria.

  1. Minimum protein intake of 2g of protein per kilo of body weight.

On the rare occasion, I get my nerd on and read proper studies to see what is fact and what is fiction.

From the body of research I’ve got at my disposal, I know that this is the minimum protein required to create a fat burning environment without sacrificing muscle mass.

So you’ve got some numbers to go off.

A 60kg person would require 120g of protein per day as a minimum

An 80kg person would require 160g of protein per day.

This is an absolute minimum, however with fat loss as the primary goal I would be very tempted to push these numbers up as

protein is associated with greater feelings of fullness and satiety which means you’re going to be less inclined to eat more after a protein rich meal.

If you’re not hitting these minimum thresholds of protein

HINT *shitty shakes, soup diets and the likes*

Then you’re putting yourself at risk of losing muscle mass which means your metabolism is going to be jeopardised.

So make sure you get your protein, maaan.

4. There is flexibility.

This is imperative.

You need to have flexibility so you don’t have the same meals over, and over again.

You know oats for breaky, tuna and salad for lunch, and chicken with broccoli for dinner, and if you’ve trained a protein shake.

I’ve been showed that on a meal plan tooooo many times before.

There is no longevity in that.

You cannot be expected to eat the same 6 to 10 foods over and over with any success.

That’s why having flexibility is so so so important.

Can you see how incorportarting these 4 criteria into your dieting efforts you’re going to be setting yourself up for a lot more success than your typical boring bland diet.

And as such, you might lose the wait and actually keep it off!

Which is what is should be all about, right.

I hope this helps clear up any dieting confusion and helps set you on your path to nutritional success.

If you need any help with getting your nutrition sorted email us at admin@thebodyconsultants.com with the headline Best Diet Ever and we will get you started on your journey with us.

Jack ‘Criteria Creator’ Zuvelek.