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Author: Brad

To take the painstaking liberty out of Monday's we decided to do something fun. Something that may even inspire you to try your culinary skills out. What we're going to do from every Monday here on in is Master Chef Monday's This is where we will put together a quick easy meal that even someone with the culinary skills like myself can put together. Today's little number is a simple chia seed pudding   http://youtu.be/uIRgHn1S6pk if you've tried it, what did you think? did you like it? comment in the box below and let me know. see you next Monday

Today piece is about the classic bench press and a few variations to throw into your training mix to achieve some serious results. If your pecs are flatter than a surfboard yet you always seem to be benching, chances are you just aren't targeting them effectively. Most people we see in commercial gyms are overly dominant through their shoulders when pressing, meaning those pumped up pecs you so desire are not really getting what they need to grow, this means 2 things, 1: V necks are out, and 2: You're shoulders are

What is Fibre? Fibre is a very important nutrient when it comes to burning fat. It’s a very complex form of carbohydrate made up non-starch polysaccharides, resistant starches, and/or cellulose. The importance of adequate fibre in the diet rates as highly as protein, carbs or fats. There are two types of fibre sources that are available from food consumption. These are soluble and insoluble. Let’s firstly look at soluble fibre. Soluble fibre is usually found in barley, beans and fruit. Once these foods are digested this source of fibre makes it way to the large

Yes this piece is about the Romanian Deadlift, not actual Romans, now that we've cleared that up, let's move on. Todays blog is a quick video piece on the Romanian Deadlift, a great deadlift variation and one used to strengthen the often neglected hamstrings. Most people are highly quad dominant, leading to hamstring tears, knee issues, and quite frankly under developed legs. Everyone could use a little more junk in the trunk. The hamstrings have two functions, they bend the knee, think heel to ass, and the extend the hip, think bend

In part one of the digestive article, we showed you 3 of the most prominent foods that may cause disruption to your digestion, what you may or may not know is that it’s not just foods that can set you off on the downwards spiral of gas, bloating and poor nutrition. Today we are going to cover the top 3 things that may cause digestive disorders that are often not thought of or you may not relate to digestion. 1: Antibiotics: These are commonly prescribed and have a high rate of digestive

Today concludes our Workout Nutrition For Fat Loss series. If you missed the pre or intra workout blogs you can read them here. Pre: https://www.thebodyconsultants.com/work-out-nutrition-for-fatloss-part-1/ Intra: https://www.thebodyconsultants.com/workout-nutrition-for-fatloss-part-2/ Lets get into post workout, shall we. This one hits home for me, big time. I once was unaware and used to swear that you needed to have a protein shake immediately after your workout or you will lose all of your gains. GAINS I TELL YA. That's why I wanted to put this out for you, to educate and inform you to make better decisions. Like pre workout, most

So as MC Hammer once said "You can do side bends or sit ups but please don't loose that butt"- Wise words from the rapper, so how do we keep the glutes tight, round and full with training and or dieting. WELL these are my 3 top tips to retain tight and full glutes and or build a beyonce ready derrière- Alice Round Tip 1. Drop it like a SQUAT Squats are the basis for a tight booty. To get that beyonce bubble butt its all about activation and efficiency when performing

Welcome to part 2 in our series of workout nutrition for fatloss. If you missed part 1 read it here - Part 1 Pre Workout Nutrition For Fatloss Today, we're going to discuss intra workout nutrition. Intra workout nutrition is what you eat, but in many cases drink when you’re working out. The reason we do this is so we can maintain our lean muscle tissue when we're working out. We won't be actually burning fat during the workout, that is done throughout the rest of the day through a smart nutrition set up! When

Today marks the start of our week long workout nutrition guide for fatloss. Let us start it off with PRE WORKOUT NUTRITION Most people struggle with it, guys, girls and everyone in between. Rightly so, it is confusing, especially with all the broscience been thrown around. 'Train on an empty stomach" "You shouldn't eat this or shouldn't eat that before the gym" - it's all the same, really. So today I want to clear up any questions you may have about YOUR pre workout nutrition. In terms of importance, I think it’s one of the most

“Only eat egg whites” “eggs are bad for cholesterol” “eggs will make you fat” All of these three common fallacies are ever so frequent in the fitness industry Today I intend on showing you how eggs are an eggecellent choice for those aiming to improve body composition and health. Eggs. Are. Awesome. They are packed full of hunger crushing protein and contain fats that help improve hormonal function. They also have an extensive list of micronutrients. Inside an egg you can find vitamins A, D, E, B1,B2, B6 and B12. These vitamins are essential to our skin,