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Author: Brad

Chin ups are awesome. People that say otherwise probably can't do them. The reason that I love them for everybody is for two reasons. 1. They use a heap of different muscles.  What we know about this is that the more muscles we use the more energy we expend, and if our nutrition is on point the more fat we will burn! 2. They decompress the spine.  So when you hang with your feet in the air old mate gravity is acting upon you with all its might. This decompresses the spine. This is beneficial for anyone who does

Vegetables? You mean the food my food eats? I used to think like this^^^^^ Don’t be this type of person You know, the one that avoids vegetables like the plague and looks at vegetables, particularly the green ones, as if they were Superman about to eat a bowl of kryptonite! If this sounds a lot like you or you simply just want to boost your intake for the health benefits (Listed further down the page) Then this article is for you! By the end of this I am going to have you excited to eat vegetables like

The biggest fitness buzz words right now: Gluten Free, IIFYM and Macros.. People drop the M word on the daily. And you sheepishly nod at them like you know what they’re talking about, praying that they don’t ask you any further questions and call you out. Look no further, because this very blog you are about to keep reading is going to reveal all the mysteries of dieting, energy intake and this foreign, yet frequently used word; MACRO. So let’s get the first question out of the way. What are macros? Macro, is the fitspo