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One of the biggest issues is people find traditional dieting food bland and boring.

And these people come to me hoping that they can get some #flavourinspo or something along the lines.

I find it very difficult to do because I’m such a simpleton when it comes to food. This is partially due to the sheer volume of food I eat.

When you’re eating meat and some sort of carbs 4-6 times per day making it fancy becomes very low on the priority list.

And even though I practice a flexible dieting approach I still believe that any good nutritional plan is based on whole foods such as meat, rice and a variety of fruits and vegetables 80% of the time.

(If you wanna talk a little more about that there’s an option for you to do so at the bottom of the page)

I get it, meat and veg can get boring.

Like really bland and boring.

Like as bland and boring as going down to the RSL club with your Nanna and waiting for them to bring out the cheap Tuesday meal deals that in fact closely resemble cardboard in both taste and texture.

^ true story that.

So I thought that I would share with you my top 9 secrets of making your bland meals un-suck and become monstrously flavoursome master chef like meals

BEWARE; these secrets are ridiculously basic, because I’m a basic bitch like that.

ALSO BEWARE: they may not become master chef like, however they will taste better than the boiled rubbery misery of a chicken breast that you’re currently forcing yourself to eat.

Let’s get to it, shall we.

Number 1. Nando’s salt.

This shit is the bomb.

It’s the bomb for 3 reasons.

  1. It’s extremely cheap, from memory the little shaker thing is no more than $5 and lasts at least 3 months.
  2. It’s easy and efficient. You simply shake and eat.
  3. It’s delicious. Unlike the sauces, this stuff is the same stuff as you actually get in the restaurants.

Best use: Chicken. Durh.

Oh and straight onto white rice. Absolutely ahhhhmazing.

Number 2. Pink Himalayan Rock Salt.

Simple and effective.

But why the Pink stuff?

Well besides the amazing taste and abundance of minerals regular table salt is just super inferior.

Think of your favourite TV show. God forbid it be Home and Away.

Now take everything that makes such an Australian classic, like old mate Alf and all of the drama

Chemically kill them off, bleach everything and heat at unnecessary high temperatures.

Not what you’re looking for in Home and Away right?

That’s exactly what happens with regular table salt, it’s bleached, treated and heated and all of the 80+ minerals that once hung out, are all now gone besides sodium and chloride.

Not exactly what you want huh.

So use the Pink stuff, and use it with everything.

3. Jack’s Garlic Butter Sauce <– for the serious culinary kings

You need two things.

Butter (of the grass fed organic kind if you can)

Step 1: Cut butter. About 10g or a cube the same size as your thumb.
Step 2: Add garlic. I use the pre crushed one in a jar. The more the merrier.
Step 3: Place both ingredient in a microwave safe bowl.
Step 4: Heat for 30 seconds
Step 5: Stir and serve.

I wasn’t lying when I said it was at a basic bitch level, now did I.

This sauce goes very well with any meat, especially steak, and if you’re feeling really fancy you can make a surf and turf by adding a serving of prawns on top. Oooooh Baby.

Also great to put on your veggies to give them a slightly orgasmic flavour.

Who knew that broccoli could taste so good.

4. Taco seasoning.

This stuff is unquestionably good. And yep, you guessed it, very simple.

Best uses are mince and chicken. If you’re wanting to make a gateway into Kangaroo mince I’d recommend using taco seasoning. Can’t tell the difference between Kanga and beef.

But kangaroo is a lot leaner, so you get more fats to enjoy fun things like chocolate.

5. The no sugar added BBQ sauces.

All the taste none of the calories. Awesome.

And because they’ve pulled out the 100’s of grams of sugar per bottle they make for a perfect addition to any meaty dishes you may be having.

Little note of warning.

Always have a look at sauces, they’re one of the biggest diet ruiners I’ve ever come across, things like caesar and ranch dressing sometimes pack more than 200calories for a 25g serve.

That is more than 10% of most people daily nutritional intake in one shitty serve of sauce.

Not my idea of smart dieting.

These bad boys are great on both red and white meats so get around them.

6. Paprika

This little fella has only recently been added to my spice artillery.

Tastes really good and also has a heap of vitamins and minerals which is never a bad thing.

Best uses: chicken and beef because of it’s capsicum like flavours.

7. Any kind of hot sauce.

If you can handle them then these are great.

Full of flavour but not a ton of calories per serve.

Just make sure you don’t try to magnify your testicullar fortitude too much by getting a heat rating that you cannot handle.

It does not end nice, and in fact you will probably find yourself curled overthe nearest toilet bowl waiting for the pain and suffering to end.

Trust me on this one. It happens. Even to the best of us.

8. Shallots.

Shallots are a small member of the onion family with brown skin and a flavour resembling a cross between sweet onion and garlic.

This makes them perfect for cooking with your meats and vegetables.

I like to steam them with my vegetables or if I’m cooking meat add some macadamia nut oil to the pan and finely slice so that they’re lightly fried in the oil.

Absolutely mesmerising that is.

9. Mustard varieties.

These are hit and miss I must add, some are absolutely great, others taste like they have come from McDonalds out of date food items from the 20th century. Dat shit cray.

But if you find a good one, add it to your meat and veggies, can be a serious game changer that one.

So there are 9 ways to make your meals un-suck and become mildly more flavoursome than you’ve currently been doing.

Oh and you would have noticed that I included things with preservatives, and colours, and chemicals and all the rest of that.

Understand that there has been no mistake here these things WILL NOT KILL YOU OR MAKE YOU FAT.

They’re perfectly fine to be eaten in moderation.

They will not ruin your physique or turn you into a ball of lard.

Too many calories will.

So you add those sauces and flavours to your meals, and you do it like a boss.

Jack ‘beating the bland’ Zuvelek

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